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We Prioritize Simplicity and Usability

With Entourage, finding a theme or style for your yearbook is fun with our advanced design software full of free…

Pre-Made Yearbook Templates

Start your project instantly with thousands of professionally created page design layouts that you can then custom edit for your unique yearbook including portrait page templates, holiday templates & much more!

Backgrounds and Yearbook Cover Designs

Get inspired to create your best yearbook ever by browsing through Entourage’s backgrounds available for every yearbook theme from Elementary to High Schools, and even Sports and Military yearbooks. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Our new Pixabay feature allows you to search for more specific content that fits your needs.

Clip-Art for Every Yearbook Theme

Looking for something special to adorn your pages? Select the perfect images to add to your yearbook theme. We add new clip-art every year to further expand your yearbook layout design and provide the best art to showcase your memories.

Every Font You Need

Entourage offers tons of fonts for every school, plus we are always adding fonts to our designer! If you can’t find a font you like, reach out to your Account Manager that may be available to assist you in uploading your font.

Design Your Yearbook Online

Entourage offers the best online solution to easily organize and design your yearbook with our industry-leading EDOnline software.

yearbook templates

EDOnline provides a range of yearbook design features, including:

User-Friendly Page Design:

Work anywhere with an internet connection on your computer or laptop.

Digital Collaboration Tools:

Organize your pages, staff members, and more—all from the ease of your phone!

Use Social Media Integration:

Upload photos from Instagram, Facebook, Dropbox and Google Drive at the click of a button.

Hundreds of pre-made yearbook templates:

Design with our professionally designed templates, perfect for any yearbook theme.

Organize Your Yearbook Project with Ease

Entourage offers a variety of online organizational tools to help you manage every aspect of the yearbook process. Organize your project from start to finish; take advantage of it all through Entourage’s online yearbook software.

yearbook help

A digital way of visualizing the organization of your yearbook. You can use it to preview the order of your pages, organize your yearbook tasks, assign pages to staff members, label your pages, and lock/unlock pages as you complete them.

With so many features to help you with your project, paper files will become a mess of the past.

Keep track of yearbook sales and connect with your community.

Browse design and theme options for your yearbook. Use the bookmark feature to keep track of your favorite elements to quickly access and utilize them in your book.

Resources at Every Corner

Tools to organize your yearbook project

Receive calendars, yearbook ladders, checklists, and more to help keep you and your staff on track to creating the best yearbook ever.

Survival Guide

Learn everything there is to know about working with our advanced EDOnline yearbook software.

Essentials kit

Receive a USB with curriculum and exercises for your yearbook staff or class.

Yearbook of Yearbooks

Get inspired with Entourage’s yearbook full of designs and information from our past Yearbook Contest winners – plus QR codes for you to view digital versions of these yearbooks!

Webinars & Design Reviews

Receive next-level customer support by learning how to create your best yearbook ever.

Help Pages

Discuss yearbook tips and gain design knowledge from other Yearbook Advisors.

Design Software To Meet Your Needs

Through Entourage, you can integrate your favorite design software with EDOnline—meaning you won’t have to start from scratch. Once your design has been uploaded, you can continue to create your best yearbook ever with our advanced design tools.

Entourage can support you and your favorite design software!

Ask your Account Manager about downloadable templates for the following software packages:

Entourage also provides an extensive Yearbook Starter Kit for all of your yearbook solutions!