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The best way to make a



The memories, fun, and friendships created during summer camp should be celebrated with a yearbook. At Entourage Yearbooks, we have made creating a beautiful yearbook that perfectly captures your campers easier than ever. With affordable prices, intuitive online yearbook design software, and unmatched customer service, you can create books that will keep memories alive for years.

The Easiest Way to Create a Camp Yearbook

Trust us; We get it—putting together a camp yearbook that captures every moment and includes every camper equally can be intimidating. We’ve designed our yearbook services to adapt to your unique needs. You can work entirely within our online yearbook design platform or integrate it with tools you might already use, like Photoshop and InDesign.

No Time? No Problem

Don’t have the time or experience necessary to pull off a sports team yearbook? Entourage Yearbooks can help! Just submit your images and ideas and our virtual yearbook staff can create a beautiful and unique yearbook for you from start to finish.

Never Miss a Moment​

With all the social media options available today, it can be difficult to collect content from 5+ sources. Our online yearbook platform allows you to easily collect images from many different social media platforms and cloud storage options, ensuring that you include every moment possible in your yearbook.

Make Sure Every Player Is Included​

When your yearbook needs to represent a camp, ensuring that every camper and staff member is equally represented can be difficult. With our online yearbook design tools, you can tag campers and easily see who may be under or over-represented. No one deserves to be left out!

Flexible, No-Risk Contracts

There are many yearbook services to choose from and even more options and features to consider once you make a choice. How can you know that you’ve made the right choice? Entourage Yearbooks makes the process as easy as possible by working with you and ensuring that you get all the features and services you need. As your needs change, so will we. Let’s create a beautiful sports team yearbook together!

High-Quality Printing & Book-Binding

A yearbook should be as beautiful as the memories inside! After all, it should be a keepsake that players and their family can treasure for years and years. In the same vein, the yearbook should be durable enough to endure countless bouts of nostalgia. We use only the latest yearbook printing and binding techniques alongside the highest-quality materials.
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