Yearbook Resources

Check in regularly to see our library of advanced yearbook resources.

Yearbook Resources

Entourage Yearbook Advisor's Conference

Entourage holds an annual yearbook conference to help bring together teachers and yearbook coordinators from around the country.

Yearbook Contest

Hundreds of schools from around the country compete in Entourage's annual yearbook contest.  Elementary, Middle School, and High School compete in categories across overall design, photography, and cover design.  Browse through our library of contest entrants to see what the most advanced yearbook programs are up to.

Yearbook Budget Analysis

You can request a yearbook budget analysis. Simply enter some information about your school's yearbook program and receive a comprehensive report bench-marking the price of your yearbook versus what other schools are paying. It's a great resource to see if you're paying too much.

Yearbook Theme Resources

Choosing the right yearbook theme is usually the first step in creating a great yearbook. We have put together some resources to help schools select and execute their yearbook theme. Download our FREE Yearbook Theme Library of Ideas, to help brainstorm yearbook theme ideas!

Yearbook Company Comparison Form

We have put together a simple Yearbook  Company comparison form with the information about Entourage Yearbooks already filled in.  We wanted to make it easier to compare the difference between yearbook companies.