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The Best Programs to
Fit Your Specific Needs

Entourage Yearbooks provide a yearbook program to fit every yearbook editor's design, financial and time-sensitive needs.

We believe that yearbook programs aren't always a one size fits all type of deal, so we're always open to expanding the types of programs we offer.


A Yearbook Design Program for Everyone

Press Ready: EDOnline

Our most popular yearbook program and loved by all, EDOnline is the best option for those who have used other online design programs and want the most seamless way to produce their yearbooks.

Special Project Assistance

Our team of Special Project Assistance (or S.P.A.) representatives is the newest addition to the programs we offer. This team helps you build your yearbook from the ground up.

Software Templates

Are you more familiar with programs like Canva, InDesign, and Photoshop? We have downloadable templates to help you work with your favorite software before uploading it to EDOnline.

Press Ready: EDOnline

EDOnline is the standard and most popular yearbook software that we offer. We’ve created this design software ourselves which has given us the best opportunity to fine-tune it so it’s the best program you can utilize to create a yearbook. Our web team makes monthly updates and fixes to EDOnline. 

This program also includes:

  • Access to our libraries of templates, clip-art, fonts, and online planning tools.
  • Support services for all major desktop publishing software options (e.g. InDesign, MS Publishing, Quark, Photoshop, Illustrator, PageMaker, Acrobat, Powerpoint, MS Word, etc.)
  • An account management team to offer creative guidance and input throughout your yearbook process
yearbook templates

S.P.A. - Special Project Assistance

Our S.P.A. team is the latest addition to the list of programs we offer. If you’re limited in time and/or don’t have an adequate yearbook team to assist in the process, we’re here to help you. Our S.P.A. team will put your yearbook together for you after an online or phone consultation to determine your yearbook needs. 

This program also includes:

  • A dedicated S.P.A. manager to consult your ideas and needs with.
  • Full access to our EDOnline software if you’d like to work on specific pages yourself or need to review content created by your S.P.A. team.
  • Consistent communication and printed proof books that arrive straight to your home before your yearbook goes into final production. 

Templates for InDesign, and Photoshop

Entourage can support you and your favorite design software! Entourage Yearbooks now has downloadable templates for InDesign and Photoshop to help you create the perfect yearbook. Select your desired software below to download the template:

Need help exporting your InDesign File?