Entourage Yearbooks

Yearbook Programs

Made to Fit any Project

Entourage offers several yearbook programs to create your yearbook. Whether you are limited by time, resources, or even budget, Entourage Yearbooks has a program tailored for your yearbook needs.

Press Ready

The press ready option is for staffs who enjoy creating their own books using desktop design software. This program includes:

  • Access to our libraries of templates, clip-art, fonts, and online planning tools

  • Support services for all the major desktop publishing software options (e.g., InDesign, MS Publisher, Quark, PhotoShop, Illustrator, PageMaker, Acrobat, PowerPoint, MS Word, etc.)

  • Professional graphic designers to offer guidance and creative input for your staff

  • This option represents the most affordable for staffs on a budget

Cut & Paste

For staffs that are fans of scrap-booking, the Cut & Paste program is perfect for you! You can use all of the current scrap-booking techniques & accessories to design a beautiful and unique book. This program includes:
  • Cut & Paste starter kit with forms and guides to create your pages

  • High resolution commercial scanning of your cut & paste work

  • Printed proofs to review your book before final production

Virtual Yearbook Staff

Send us all of your photos and give us your ideas. Entourage will put your yearbook together for you! If your school doesn’t have the time or the resources to put together a full yearbook, let us create a beautiful yearbook especially designed for your school.

Need more information? You can contact us at yearbooks@entourageyearbooks.com or call us at 1-888-YBOOKS1