Entourage Yearbooks

Yearbook Printing & Cover Options

Professional Production to Fit Any Style

Entourage Yearbooks offers a wide array of yearbook printing and binding options. Customize your yearbook with any of the following features and options.


  • Both color and monotone end sheet options are available for hard cover yearbooks

  • Full bleed (to the edge) printing – 17″ x 11″

  • Available for $2-4 a book

Emboss & Deboss

  • Embossing and Debossing for covers provides depth to your design

  • Available in sizes up to 20 square inches

  • Prices starting at $300 per emboss/deboss stamp design

Dust Jackets

  • Full color dusk-jackets protect your yearbooks

  • Standard templates and custom design choices available

  • Prices starting at $5 per book


  • Cover material is covered in metallic foil with your cover coating design printed on top creating a holographic effect

  • Prices starting at $15-20 per book


  • Add a “classic” look to your yearbook with cloth headbands while also protecting the spine of your yearbooks

  • Only available for yearbooks with 100 pages or more

  • Prices starting at $2 per yearbook

Photo/Dye Cut

  • Add a custom photograph embossed into your hard cover design

  • Available in sizes up to 20 square inches

Foil Stamps

  • Custom foil stamp sizes available – 2 1/4 X 3 3/4, 1 1/2 X 4 3/4, 3/4 X 5

  • Wide range foil color available – Gold, Silver, Black, White, Copper, etc.

  • Multi-color and spine foil stamps available