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Starting Your Yearbook Project

Ideas and inspiration on how to fill the pages of your yearbook even during a year of uncertainty

We have had countless conversations with yearbook advisors around the country over the past several months. They’ve helped us understand what challenges you have faced and will be facing this coming year.
Starting a yearbook project was a huge concern for many of our advisors. That’s why our design team put together a resource of new ways to fill your yearbook during a year of remote learning.
These templates are available to INSTANTLY FILL over 30 pages of your yearbook! Explore the designs below to find new inspiration on how to document your school year.

Use these templates to save time making your yearbook!

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Student Life

Create a Student Art Gallery to highlight your school’s talents

Think outside the box by going outside! Find Bugs in Your Backyard to highlight a new form of learning this year

Have students show off how much they’ve changed with a Then vs. Now spread to compare baby photos

With new lifestyles come new trends! Have students share their Quarantine Fashion to show off how they dressed during a pandemic

Add this cool Tik Tok Moments spread and pair it with our QR Code Generator to let students share their favorite viral videos

School Days

Whether it’s hybrid or fully online, share Remote Learning photos of students at home

Share stories and tips to the graduating class by writing an Advice To My Students spread

Have photos from past years that didn’t make it before? Add them to a Throwback Photos spread for a fun surprise in the yearbook

Spread out your class pages with Social Media Portraits to let students share their favorites from the past year

Celebrate your school through Virtual Spirit Days for students to still feel connected, even when celebrating remotely

Have your students share their virtual persona’s with a Bitmoji Classroom page spread

Remote learning means having our furry friends joining our classrooms! Let students introduce “My New Classmates” this year

Corona Content

Set up a Mask Decorating Contest with your school to find the most creative, scariest, or original

Share a little humor with COVID-19 Memes that capture the times we’re living in

Turn a game into a yearbook spread by playing “Guess Who’s Behind The Mask” with your school community

Add a COVID-19 Glossary on terms and words we learned during the 2020 pandemic

Have students share their Quarantine Survival Guide to document how they got through staying home

A spread dedicated to COVID-19 Interviews lets your school community share their unique stories from the pandemic