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We are contacting professional photographers in your area to explore the possibilities of forming a partnership that could benefit your business by providing you with a competitive advantage and an additional revenue stream.

Our Regional Photography Program, or R.P.P., provides our partner photographers the benefits of using Entourage Yearbooks’ award-winning design software and technology suite, our highly rated customer service, and access to top-quality printing and binding.

Our current photography partners can attest to the advantages of being a total service provider. Teaming up with Entourage and providing yearbooks allows a “foot in the door” to clients you may not have had access to before, and establishing a photography and yearbook business keeps competitors out of the picture.

We know you likely have many questions regarding the initial setup, payment terms, the Entourage team, and the rest of the benefits Entourage can provide. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss the opportunity to work together. Our contact information is provided below.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

What Your Regional Photography Partner Box Includes:

Sample Books: Your box includes all three of our binding types: saddle stitch, perfect binding, and hard cover.

Direct Contact Information: Find direct contact information to speak with the Entourage representative for your region.

Need more information?

Contact our Director of Regional Photography Partnerships, Chase!

Why Should You Work With Entourage?

Have an Entourage in Your Corner

  • Entourage Yearbooks strives for the best customer service in the industry! Don’t take our word for it; check out our Google Reviews.
  • A dedicated Account Manager is assigned to each school! You can focus on taking photos and we can handle your customers.

More Money; More Time

  • Entourage’s Photography Program allows for a completely hands-off approach to the yearbook. You make the arrangements; We handle everything else!
  • Entourage not only gives a generous 15% commission but also pays you the most valuable commodity there is… TIME! Whether you want to expand your business or have more free time with family and friends, Entourage has you covered.
  • Are you looking to Expand?: Entourage receives dozens of requests for Photography every year that we cannot fill. Let us send them your way!

Industry's Most User-Friendly Software

  • Use one login to access your accounts. Keep all your projects in place.
  • Ability to flow portraits into the program in less than 10 minutes!
  • See your school’s program grow in real-time.

Partner Tools & Support

Entourage Yearbooks strives for not only the best customer service in the yearbooks industry, but we want our services to have the best customer experience they have all year! In addition to taking the time to train your schools in our software, we also strive to train them in typography, journalism, and business skills. Our mission at Entourage is to attract, train and retain the best “Next-Generation” yearbook advisors in the world to help schools develop the best programs for the future of yearbooks.

To achieve such a lofty goal, we offer the best tools and personnel in the Yearbook Industry. Don’t take my word for it; preview our Google reviews and see for yourself! With services like one-on-one training, virtual workshops, thousands of templates and backgrounds, our Online Store, dedicated account managers, and graphic design support, you can rest assured that your schools are in the best hands. In addition, we also have general support available from 9 am-9 pm EST Monday through Friday with weekend hours in the Spring!

Want to stay in the loop for your schools? Our program also boasts an easy-to-use admin system to track your school projects and sales all in one place. Easily switch between projects with a click of a button.

You no longer need to sacrifice service with cost or cost with service. With Entourage, you can have your cake and eat it too!


Online Tools

Online Sales

Let us help you manage your online sales with an easy tracking system that will list all your online sales as well as your offline sales.

Staff Management

Set up usernames for your staff online. Three levels of classification allows you the freedom to give different members more or less access than others. Assign tasks, give feedback, and complete yearbook training courses all online!


  • Hundreds of Templates
  • Ideas from Other Schools
  • Yearbook Contest Entries & Winners
  • Hundreds of Cover templates and designs
  • Past Yearbook Access
  • Typography Samples


  • Share Your Templates
  • Enter the National Yearbook Contest
  • HTML for yearbook sales button


  • Live Chat with Entourage from 9am – 9pm EST
  • Online Message Boards
  • Live Online Webinars