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School Photographer Partnership Program

Are you a school photographer looking to expand the products you offer and explore new revenue opportunities? You can now apply to join Entourage Yearbooks School Photographer Partnership Program and begin offering schools one of the most fully comprehensive yearbook services in the industry. As a member of the Photographer Partnership Program (PPP), you will benefit from:

  • Access to Entourage’s easy-to-use yearbook design software (EDOnline)
  • Comprehensive training program on how to market and sell Entourage’s yearbook services
  • Anytime access to view and track your school yearbook projects online
  • Marketing materials to share with your schools, including product guides, order forms, pricing charts, and yearbook service details
  • Access to use Entourage’s online web tools and secure online payment processing
  • Sample yearbooks to share with potential customers
  • Territory assignment and photographer partner exclusivity
  • Revenue share through a robust commission plan