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Preserve Your Photo Memories​

We all have hundreds, if not thousands of photos of our families and friends on our phones and computers. Why not show off those photos by making a photo memory book?

Share memories and moments you might have forgotten through pages that will last a lifetime. Entourage's book-building technicians are here to help you create beautiful photo albums that you can share with your loved ones.

Photobooks Made Easy

The GoBooks app has a powerful A.I. image recognition engine that can go through and group, curate, select, and layout your photos into a photo book in less than one minute.

Then sit back and relax! Your designer will create your pages based on your needs. You can make changes or request edits anytime, so you will be able to still have complete control over the final look of your project.

The Best A.I. Image Recognition Engine

Features of the app A.I. engine include:

  • Skipping blurry photos
  • Grouping similar photos together on a page
  • Auto cropping the photo so faces are centered
  • Automatically grouping photos from different locations
  • Automatic background color selection

  • Pricing:​

    Photobooks generally have high prices and expensive shipping costs. Surprisingly, they're usually more expensive than yearbooks. Probably because most people are ordering just one at a time.

    We run a large multi-million dollar printing and binding production network for our yearbook business.

    Our manufacturing facilities are across the country and produce thousands of books a day. We're opening up that capacity to share with our GoBooks customers so you can get the pricing benefits of our large and distributed production system.

    Your First Book is Free

    Sign up for the GoBooks app and order your first photobook on us. Download the app, register an account and you'll see a coupon that can applied towards your first book.

    A shipping fee of $3.95 for softcover or $4.95 for hardcover will apply.

    Looking to Make an Event Book?

    Check out Entourage’s EPIC Program, which creates photo books for charity events, corporations, anniversary projects, retirement celebrations, etc.

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