Mission statement

The Entourage Mission

"Our mission is to attract, train and retain the best "Next-Generation" yearbook advisors in the world to help schools develop the best programs toward the future of yearbooks."

Elias Jo
- CEO & President



Entourage works hard to provide the best yearbook products, services, technology, training and support to our yearbook advisors. 

We know that advisors need the best tools, services and support to help bring in the future of yearbooks.


We live by a philosophy of delivery. What we say we will do, we do. The Entourage team is trained yearly to provide the best customer service ever.

We reflect on the feedback that is provided by both our customers and employees. We our always open to making adjustments as needed. 


We strive to be the most efficient entrepreneurs. We sometimes work creatively and think outside the box to help our yearbook advisors.

 We are also disciplined in providing our services in the most environmentally, socially and economically sustainable way.

Entourage Simplifies

As we continue to grow, we will always work diligently to provide tools that are user-friendly and easily accessible for all of our schools. 

We invest in our people and each department here at Entourage. Our standard for professional development requires continuous improvement. Training for our staff will always be a priority.

Entourage Standardizes

We strive for excellence in service through flexibility. Our customer service will remain the best by exercising flexibility through shared company values in the face of our own policies and standards.

We also work to maximize the value of time: Time is our most precious commodity both for us and our customers. We actively seek and invest in solutions to maximize the value of time.

Entourage Amplifies

While serving schools, we will seek opportunities to be an ethical and forward-thinking company. Our mission includes helping schools and organizations through grants, resources and maintaining relationships that can materially provide help to students in need. 

We’re conscious about the environmental impact and obligation we have to reduce our carbon footprint.