Mission statement

The Entourage Mission

" Our mission is to attract, train and retain the best “Next-Generation” yearbook advisors in the world to help schools develop the best programs toward the future of yearbooks. "

Our Core Principles

We will continue to invest to provide the best yearbook products, services, technology, training and support to our yearbook advisors.

Standardize, Simplify and Amplify: As we continue to grow, we will work to define and standardize our processes to make them repeatable and efficient

We strive for excellence in service through flexibility: We will continue to provide the best customer service by exercising flexibility through shared company values in the face of our own policies and standards.

We live by a philosophy of delivery: We do what we say we will do.

We work to maximize the value of time: Time is our most precious commodity both for us and our customers. We will actively seek and invest in solutions to maximize the value of time.

We invest in our people: Our standard for professional development requires continuous improvement. Training for our staff will always be a priority. Our management philosophy is to always lead from the front.

While serving schools, we will seek opportunities to help 1 million students: As part of our mission of providing next-generation yearbooks, doing our job well is not enough. We will look for opportunities to help our schools through grants, resources, and relationships that can materially provide help to students in need.