Middle School Yearbook

The Best Middle School Yearbook Company

Designing and printing middle school yearbooks can be a daunting prospect without the proper support. Entourage Yearbooks provides premier yearbook services that enable yearbook advisors to create amazing yearbooks that parents and students can treasure forever! With Entourage, you’ll get access to custom-tailored support, advanced online yearbook design software, incredibly quick turn-around times, and more!

The Easiest Way to Make a Middle School Yearbook

Everyone starts somewhere. Whether you are completely new to creating yearbooks or you are an experienced yearbook advisor, you can adapt our yearbook design software to your unique needs. Our platform integrates with all the popular tools – like InDesign, PhotoShop, and more – while also giving you everything you need within the platform itself. Design your way!

Never Miss a Moment

The amount of images and other content shared through social media can be overwhelming. Add all the content you might be getting from cloud storage solutions like Google Drive and Dropbox and you might be wondering how you could possibly keep track of it all. Don’t worry – our platform enables you to connect all these sources and collect content in one easy-to-navigate location.

Yearbook Fundraising & Marketing Made Easy

Two of the most important aspects of creating a yearbook have nothing to do with the actual design of the book itself. Yearbook advisors and their teams also need to make sure that plenty of people actually buy the book, too! Entourage Yearbooks makes it easy for you to market and fundraise for your middle school yearbook. Our team can create personalized posters, fliers, and brochures for all your marketing and fundraising efforts. Entourage Yearbooks even enables parents and other loved ones to purchase and edit boosters and ads directly through our online yearbook platform!

Include Every Student, Class, Club, or Team

Keeping track of seemingly countless students, classes, and extracurricular groups can seem almost impossible. How can you make sure that no student or group is over or underrepresented? With Entourage Yearbook’s online platform, you can tag students and other categories so you can easily account for the number of times each shows up in your yearbook. That way, no one gets left out!

Top Quality Printing & Book-Binding

Even the most compelling and moving content can’t make up for a poorly-made yearbook! After all, these books are supposed to be treasured for years to come. Entourage Yearbooks utilizes only the most advanced yearbook printing and binding techniques and the highest-quality materials to make sure that you receive a truly impressive product.

Risk-Free Contracts

Because of the scope of projects like a middle school yearbook, you’ll want to ensure that the yearbook company you choose provides you with the flexibility you need to succeed. If mistakes happen in the design process, or if you find that you need certain features or adjustments to your service, you can trust that Entourage Yearbooks has your back.

Make Your Best Middle School Yearbook Now

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