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Designing and printing middle school yearbooks can be a daunting prospect without the proper support. Entourage Yearbooks provides premier yearbook services that enable yearbook advisors to create amazing yearbooks that parents and students can treasure forever!

Features for You

We've created the most advanced, yet user-friendly software available on the middle school yearbook market. Whether you have a team of 20, or a team of one, we're confident that Entourage can provide the best support you've ever experienced. The features below are just some of the best features we have developed to make creating yearbooks easier than ever.

Ladder Organizer

The easiest way to keep your pages and staff members organized.

LEARN Program

Use your yearbook project as a unique learning opportunity with our LEARN curriculum.

Personalized Pages

Allow parents and student to create their own unique set of pages they can treasure forever.

“The Entourage staff is amazing. The online chat with tech support was super helpful and was always able to answer my questions and solve my problems. As a first time yearbook coordinator who had no idea what I was doing, the how-to videos were a necessity and made a huge difference in my ability to make the yearbook look awesome! We are definitely using Entourage next year! 

-Tracy Johnson, SVGS Yearbook Advisor


Manage Your
Yearbook Ladder

Your yearbook ladder is here for keep you organized. Learn more about how to manager your yearbook ladder by viewing our quick 5-minute help video or read more below! 


Assign a section to a current page. 

Choose from: Opening, Dividers, Student Life, Academics, People Pages, Sports, Ads, & More!


Give your page its own unique title.

This is a great first step when planning ahead and getting started.


Choose the status of your page-automatic Blank Page status.

Choose from: Placed, Locked, Finalized, Locked & Hidden.


Up to two users can be assigned to a single spread. 

This prevents other users, besides the admin, from accessing these pages.

Due Date

Assign a due date for tracking purposes.

This is for personal records only and does not content after date.

Page Notes

Write notes for the page if needed.

Page notes appear in the designer once page is opened. 


Preview Book

Flip through a digital copy of your yearbook, as well as email yourself a PDF of the entire yearbook project.

Move Pages

Move single pages or entire yearbook spreads to other areas in your yearbook project.

Spell Check

Check the contents of your book by running the spell checker through your whole book, page by page.

Page Numbering

Easily add / remove page numbering with the click of a button and view options to customize numbering.


Online Yearbook Curriculum

Entourage LEARN is where you can learn how to make your yearbook the best it can be with Entourage Curricula. 

Complete the allotted courses to get certified by Entourage Yearbooks as an official Entourage Yearbooks’ designer.

Our Curriculum Includes

Picking a Yearbook Theme: Learn different techniques to find a theme for your yearbook. The following lessons will help you brainstorm ideas and organize your middle school yearbook sections within the theme you have chosen. 

Effective Typography: Learn the fundamentals of using typography effectively throughout your yearbook

Sections of a Yearbook: This course will go over the different parts of a yearbook to better understand how to organize your project. A worksheet will be supplied to help you plan your sections and yearbook ladder.

Writing Headlines and Sub-Headlines: Headlines are the title of a page or spread. Learn how to get a better understanding of writing attention-grabbing headlines.

Page Layout Design: Learn how to design your pages effectively, utilizing design aesthetics and standard yearbook layout rules.

Color Basics: Understand how colors work together in a design to convey the message of your theme and tie your yearbook together.

Writing a Photo Caption: This lesson will cover what should be included in a caption and how to format it. 

How to Interview: Interviewing for a yearbook article can be a fun and creative way to capture events that occurred during the year. Learn how to prep for an interview as well as conduct an interview.

Cover Design: Learn some helpful tips on developing your yearbook cover. Included is a video on designing your cover in EDOnline and a worksheet to sketch cover ideas.