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Account Management

The Account Management Team at Entourage Yearbooks is full of graphic designers and customer service specialists who are here to help you make your best yearbook ever.

Larry Johnson: Head of Account Management

“The two things I love most about my job are: Helping customers create memories for their students and working with the talented people on my staff. We have the best Account Management team in the world!”

— Larry Johnson

We are a team of designers, thinkers, creators, and problem solvers. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or new to the world of yearbooks, we will make sure you feel equipped and ready to get started with our website and designer. We will introduce you to your own account manager who will be available to discuss your yearbook needs via email, phone, or live webinars. Check out the type of support you will receive from the Account Management Team below:

  • Onboarding Training (Website, Mobile App, Designer)
  • Weekly Hints and Yearbook Tips
  • Graphic Design Assistance
  • Design Review

It all begins with the motivation to create something meaningful for your students, teachers and community. We match you up with a sales representative that works regionally in your area. Why? Because we acknowledge the importance of having someone understand your financial needs and accommodations based on your location. We take the time to break things down for you, and best of all our contracts are non-binding. We are your first point of contact while working with Entourage Yearbooks. Check out the type of support you will receive from the Sales Team below:

  • Pricing & Book Project Setup
  • Special Upgrade Information
  • Marketing Recommendations
  • Online Sales Setup

Sales Representatives

The Sales Team at Entourage Yearbooks consists of regional representatives that work alongside you to fulfill the exact needs of your project and make sure you have all the tools necessary to get started right away. 

Shaun Stapleton: Director of Sales and Marketing

“Being the front line to customers from start to finish is the most rewarding part of being in the sales department. Relationships that are developed on this level definitely last a lifetime!”
— Shaun Stapleton

Production Team

The Production Team works behind the scenes to assemble and ship the contents of your book. They make sure each book gets is up to par with Entourage’s expected quality.

yearbook company staff

Oliver DeRocha: Head of Production

“Whatever it is, the way you tell your story online can make all the difference.”

— Oliver DeRocha

Once you’ve reached the finish line and submitted your book contents, our production team steps in to work their magic. They oversee production and ensure that you receive a premium quality book that gets delivered to you within at least 28 days of submission. Check out the type of work our Production Team handles below:

  • Printing & Binding Books
  • Personalizing Covers
  • Packaging & Shipping
  • Inventory Management

We understand that the yearbook process requires time, resources, and the creativity to gather content and make your book shine. Our newest department, SPA, takes the work out of your hands and puts it into ours. Sit back and relax, we’re here to help! You’ll meet with the head of our SPA department to discuss your needs, ideas, and desired timeline. Check out the type of work that our SPA department can assist you with:

  • Yearbook Cover & Content Design
  • Uploading Student Roster & Portraits
  • Candid Photo Placement
  • Special Template Requests

SPA Department

The SPA Department (Special Project Assistance) at Entourage Yearbooks provides an additional level of help and facilitates the yearbook process for customers that want a next-generation yearbook without the ability to create one themselves.

Julia Watts: Head of Special Project Assistance

“Being a part of the Specialized Project Assistance Team lets me work creatively with people who already have a lot going on in their lives. I like being able to take work off of their shoulders and say: I've got your back!”

— Julia Watts

Web Team

The Web Team at Entourage Yearbooks coordinates with all departments to troubleshoot any web issues and consistently make advancements to EDOnline and upgrade all aspects of technology related to Entourage. 

Nicole Lipnitz: Director of New Projects & Technology

“Leading a team of developers and creatives is a major reward for me. We're constantly making improvements to the EDOnline designer to make the yearbook process effortless. ”
— Nicole Lipnitz

At Entourage we realize that in order for you to create Next-Generation yearbooks – you need Next-Generation technology and online tools that will get you there. Our web team makes daily fixes to our website and monitors the usability for our users. This team utilizes feedback from our customers and employees to make advancements that make the yearbook process easier than ever! Check out the type of work that our web team handles below:

  • EDOnline fixes and upgrades
  • New technology and project developments
  • Advancements to our in-house production process
  • LINK app improvements and development

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