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What is EPIC?

Purpose of Epic Program – To combine synergies with companies and charities around the globe to provide fundraising solutions that can better the lives of many.

Whom do we work with? – We collaborate with individuals and organizations by documenting events or occasions they would like captured and distributed to their community in an amazing event book. We aim to partner with companies that want to raise funds for their sponsored cause or charity.

What do we charge? – Entourage’s goal is to cover the costs of production, design, and content creation. Each project receives at least 30 hours of dedicated design time, with larger events/projects receiving up to 60 hours. We aim to give back to the designated charity/beneficiary as much as possible. 

Does it have to be related to a charity? – No. We will happily develop/build company yearbooks, anniversary projects, retirement celebrations, or other event books. These projects are subject to a different pricing mechanism but can be discussed with our Director of Sales, Shaun Stapleton. 

Why Work With the Entourage Epic Program? – Know that your project is in the best hands, professionally and philanthropically. We will work with you to ensure that the end product meets your needs and focuses funds raised in the manner you determine to be appropriate.

Let Us Make Your Event Book

Entourage’s EPIC program is a unique initiative to help companies raise funds for their chosen cause or charity. The program involves documenting the event with photographers and creating stunning photo books that can be shared with the community, thereby raising awareness about the cause and generating funds for it.
Through the EPIC program, Entourage provides a platform for companies to showcase their event in a beautiful photo book. The Entourage team takes great care to capture every moment and emotion of the event, ensuring that the final product is nothing short of spectacular.

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