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Here is a sample of what schools from across the country have said about their experience with Entourage Yearbooks.

"The process was very easy. Everything Entourage did made this a great experience for me and my students."

St. Paul School Princeton, New Jersey

"The quality of the yearbooks were... Oh my god! For how much we paid versus the quality of the printing, it was amazing. Even when we received the proof book, everyone said it was so much better than last year. When we received the final books they were even better."

Weston School Manville, New Jersey

"Entourage is a great yearbook company. We had a very easy experience and all of Entourage's employees are very friendly. It made me feel at ease."

Wicoff Elementary Plainsboro, New Jersey

"I HIGHLY recommend this company for yearbook design! One of our contributors is extremely creative, and it was very easy for me to upload a whole page from her. I’m NOT creative, but the templates and backgrounds made it very easy to create student pages. The turnaround time is lightening fast, too. I have recommended Entourage to other schools, thank you all!"

Boles High School

"I absolutely love our Putnam Vocational Entourage Yearbook. I was a novice, but my book is a beautiful professional work of art. My principal loves it. The students will love it, and it is an excellent representation of our wonderful senior student experience. The staff is excellent, very knowledgeable and most especially very patient. They assisted me all the way. My sales specialist Katie, Senior acct mgr Christine and tech support were great. This was my third year book for our school, and in the past we worked with a large servicer of high scores, which, although they were friendly, did not provide the personal service nor fundraising opportunities that we received with entourage. When I first agreed to change from that company that has a huge presence in high school products I was nervous however, I believe that I will only work moving forward with entourage. I look forward to a bigger and better yearbook next year."

Roger L Putnam Vocational Technical Academy

"Working with the customer service staff at Entourage has been great! CJ and Dawn have both been especially helpful throughout the process. They helped by email and phone and were always courteous, knowledgeable and eager to help. Thanks so much for helping make our yearbook so amazing!!!"

McKinley Elementary

"I have been working with Entourage for about 4 years now and they are just amazing! The program is user friendly and even if there is something I am confused about there are videos to walk me through it. For example I am able to add qr codes to pages that will be links to videos or picture folders for things that happen after the yearbook is turned in and I was not able to figure out how it worked so I watched the videos and it was so easy. I would also like to add that Jessica Jones has been my hero multiple times. She is my sales rep, but she has been so much more than that. I had messed something up in my book just before turning it in and I emailed her and she was able to help me figure out what went wrong and how to fix it. I was literally in tears and she saved me. I cannot see myself ever switching yearbook companies!"

Maryland School

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