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Entourage Yearbooks has a comprehensive set of tools and services that make your elementary school yearbook project as simple as possible.
Our advanced software allows schools to easily create pages on their own schedule, and our fast turn-around time of 28 days promises that elementary schools won’t have to leave out events that occur at the end of the school year. ​

Features For You

We've created the most advanced, yet user-friendly software available on the yearbook market. Whether you have a team of 20, or a team of one, we're confident that Entourage can provide the best support you've ever experienced. The features below are just some of the best features we have developed to make creating your elementary school yearbooks easier than ever.

Book Builder

Limited staff or time? Our book builder helps you get the job done in less than half the time it would normally take you to build a book. Choose from one of our eight pre-designed templates, then click and place your photos into place.

Automated People Page Flow

Our people page technology can be used to quickly create the student pages in your yearbook project. Flow students with the click of a button! Easily edit students and staff information, add newcomers, and check for missing students.

Effortless Photo Gathering

We understand that half the struggle of putting together a yearbook is gathering photos, right? Staying organized shouldn't be difficult. Use our desktop & mobile app, email photos or use our import features to gather content online.

"Entourage and their staff truly go above and beyond in order to make sure that the quality of your hard work during the yearbook process comes to life. The staff definitely deliver on customer service and make every step leading up to and through the final production process very user friendly for the client. I would definitely recommend using Entourage for your yearbook needs."

Monica Crosby, Phoenix Ranch Elementary School

find my yearbook elementary
find my yearbook elementary

African Road Elementary 2021 Yearbook


No-Hassle Yearbooks:
Use Book Builder

You don't need to be a designer to put together a well-designed, cohesive yearbook. Our book builder features takes seconds to put layout the theme of your choice. We have hundreds of themes to choose from so you can create your best elementary yearbook.

Feel free to edit and move your pages and create a book in a matter of days by quickly placing your photos into place.

Book Builder Themes


Automated Portrait Pages

Step 1. Manage Data

To use people pages, you must acquire a student index and photos from your school photographer.

Upload your index and portraits to your account and confirm that your data looks correct.

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Step 2. Select a Template

After uploading your data, select a template of your choice or create your own using auto-grid.

Our software allows you to sort templates by people per page, teachers, and shape.

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Step 3. Flow your Pages

Our software allows you to sort templates by people per page, teachers, and shape.

You can still edit your data and people styles after they've been flowed with the quick menu.

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Need Help with the Process?

In need of a more in-depth overview of the people page process? We've got your back! Sign up for a webinar dedicated to teaching new and returning users the process of creating people pages from start to finish. Follow along live with one of our technical support agents and feel free to ask any questions along the way. Feel free to sign up for as many webinars as you'd like, they're completely free! To view available webinars, log into your account and open your current project. Select the Help tab on the top right hand corner in the navigation menu and select Webinars from the drop-down menu.


Easily Gather Photos:
Use our LINK app

Our LINK app is available for desktop and mobile devices. Turn on LINK and give parents the ability to submit photos that get automatically uploaded to your yearbook project. 

Create photo categories to stay organized and lock categories you’d prefer to keep private. This is the most efficient way to get the content you need for your yearbook! 

Sign Up in Seconds

Create a new account by registering your email on LINK

Create Newsfeed Updates

Post newsfeed updates and announcements on your LINK homepage to keep your community up-to-date

Lock Photo Categories

Lock photo categories that are available to you as the administrator, but not visible to LINK visitors

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Directly Upload Content

Search for your school’s yearbook and upload photos and videos directly to your project for review

View Uploaded Content

Revisit photos and content that you have uploaded and add captions to your photographs

Edit Account Information

Make updates to your email address or username directly from the LINK app

Other Photo Upload Options:
Email Photos

Email photos directly into each of your unique photo categories.

Facebook or Instagram

Transfer media via your Facebook or Instagram account upon logging in.

Google Drive

Transfer media via your Google Drive account upon logging in.

Drop Box

Transfer media via your drop box account upon logging in.