Entourage Yearbooks

Entourage Yearbooks' Annual Yearbook Contest

2021 - 2022 SCHOOL YEAR

Entourage Yearbooks is proud to announce our nationwide yearbook contest. We sponsor this contest to recognize students, staffs, and yearbook advisors who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in creating yearbooks for their schools.

Entries entered in the Entourage Yearbook contest are evaluated across four judging categories. You can click on a category below to submit your entries for this years contest!



Overall yearbook theme development is judged based on use of written and graphic elements carried throughout the entire yearbooks.

Cover Design

Yearbook cover designs, judged based on overall design quality, relevance to school and current year, use graphic and textual design elements.

Page Design

Page layouts judges are based on the overall layout design, the use of innovative techniques and the use of captions, headlines, graphics elements, etc.


Photographs will be judged based on creativity and composition across the categories of Sport/Action, School Spirit, and Artistic/Creative.

Christian Academy of Guatemala


Yearbook Advisor: Jackie Davis

The Entourage Yearbooks National Yearbook Competition is a nationally sponsored contest judging school yearbooks across the dimensions of creativity, originality, and journalistic relevance. Hundreds of schools enter across all fifty states at the Elementary, Middle School, and very competitive High School level.

This achievement recognizes Christian Academy of Guatemala for putting together a notable yearbook at the High School level. Their entry was submitted at the end of March 2021 and was officially awarded on October 16th, 2021. The Christian Academy of Guatemala yearbook was selected from hundreds of schools that submitted entries from around the country.

"Our school neighbors a mountain range that has an active volcano. These inspired the triangle shapes that you see on the covers and throughout the book,"
said Christian Academy of Guatemala Yearbook Designer, Rebekah Suh. "The overall goal for the theme/design was to make it as simple and minimalistic as possible. This allows the stories and photos within it to shine."

Sunnyside High School


Yearbook Advisor: Ruben Cazares

" The inspiration for this design was to create something that would incorporate both pages with our color pallet and doodles. "

2nd Place: Messmer High School

3rd Place: NYOS Charter School

Oakley Jr-Sr High School


Yearbook Advisor: Andrei Goddard

" We came up with the "Sketch Your Dream" theme based on ideas we liked and our school's motto for the year. From there we came up with several different cover design ideas, but like the idea of making it look like a sketch book the best. "

2nd Place: Veritas Classical School

3rd Place: Oakwood School

North Tampa Christian Academy


Yearbook Advisor: Terry Griffin

" We had an assignment for frozen speed. Water, an apple and a cutlass would work if we could just pull it off. "

2nd Place: New Brunswick High School

3rd Place: Lakeland Senior High School

Honorable Mentions


CrossPointe Christian Academy
Veterans Memorial
Desert View High School
Oakwood School
Meadowdale High School
Mountain View High School


Lyme-Old Lyme High School
Christian Academy of Guatemala
Initial Point High School
Bliss Jr/Sr High
303 - Brooklyn Collegiate Cr


Glen Cover High School
Veterans Memorial High School
Desert View High School
Summit Academy High School
New Brunswick High School
Emil G. Hirsch Metro High School


Sunnyside High School
NYOS Charter School
Desert View High School
Summit Academy High School
Conestoga Christian School
Treasure Valley Leadership Academy


Most frequent questions and answers

What type of content can I enter?

All entries must be the work of a school using Entourage Yearbooks as their 2022 yearbook publisher. The content submitted for the contest must have appeared in the 2022 yearbook.

How many times can I enter?

Each school can enter up to four entries for the page layout and photography categories. Naturally, you may only enter once for the overall yearbook contest and the cover design contest.

What must I include with my entries?

All entries must include the title of your entry, as well as a paragraph explaining the inspiration and direction of your design or theme. Entries may appear on the Entourage Yearbooks website, our social media, and / or in future marketing materials.

When does the yearbook contest begin and end?

The yearbook contest officially opens the last week of May and ends on July 1st. No entries will be considered after July 1st.

How are entries judged?

Entries will be judged by a combination of Entourage Yearbooks specialists and guest judges. Our guest judges will each have professional experience in Yearbooks, Journalism, Graphic Design, Photography, or Publishing. The entries will be judged on showing creative graphic style that is appropriate to the content and audience; and creating an original design that does not violate copyright law or plagiarizes outside content.

What are the prizes for the yearbook contest?

Best Yearbook Grand Prize: $200 Cover Upgrade Credit and Plaque Award
Best Cover Design: Free Foil and Plaque Award
Best Photography: Digital Camera and Plaque Award
Best Page Design: Digital Camera and Plaque Award

* All 2nd and 3rd Prize winners in each category will receive a plaque award*

When do schools receive an update?

Winners will be announced online and contacted by email in October.

When does the yearbook contest begin and end?

The yearbook contest officially opens the last week of May and ends on July 1st. No entries will be considered after July 1st.