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Entourage Yearbooks' Next-Generation Grant


Entourage Yearbooks is proud to revolutionize the school funding process with our Next-Generation Grant. Many schools are without the proper equipment, programs or even infrastructure they need to provide the educational opportunities their students and community deserve.

Through the grant, we hope to fund those schools who are looking to advance themselves into the future by offering educational opportunities for their students and community
Whether it's assistance paying for new computer equipment, fund an after-school program, or to finally get out of debt with your previous yearbook provider - we are here to help you accomplish your goals!
We understand the difficulty that many educators face when it comes to receiving the proper funding for their classrooms and programs. That's why Entourage proudly supports these schools.
Yearbooks are a permanent time capsule for school staff members and students. They can become low priority in order to fund other school projects. We step in to make sure yearbooks are still possible.

Central Christian Academy


Nominated by: Rachel Cotteleer

"We are a small but vibrant, Indianapolis school committed to serving and educating the families who walk through our doors. We have been struggling to counter the negative effects caused by the pandemic, as well as trying to handle the multitude of other challenges many of our students face on a daily basis. In the midst of much prayer and reflection, our staff has recognized over and over the importance of addressing the social emotional needs of our students. We can't just teach the academic facts. We also must minister to the hearts of our kids.

On that note we are excited to use a portion of this grant money to implement a program called Beyond This with our graduating class of seniors. It offers a unique and comprehensive assessment that provides a "snapshot" into one's character. After accessing the detailed assessment, students then participate in the weekly curriculum which allows each person to dive deeper - to discover who they really are as individuals and to learn why they matter in the world. Students will be able to understand their strengths, identify areas that need growth and build confidence in themselves and their abilities.

We will also be using a portion of the grant funding to purchase tools, resources, and equipment to better serve our students with special needs - things like ball chairs, fidgets, and various sensory aids."
"With the Next Generation Grant, I was able to contribute to the purchase of t-shirts tie-dye kits for each sixth grader. For many of my scholars, this was their first experience with tie-dye and they absolutely loved it!"
Del Paso Heights Elementary
Nominated by: Cheng Veu
"Thanks to the Next Generation Grant though, we can now provide our yearbooks at a lower cost. This gives our 200 players and their familiar a great way to keep the memories of this season."
Mountain Football Conference
Nominated by: Ashley Hatch
"With this funding, we plan to create a yearbook club where our students can work together to learn essential skills in both technology and social behavior. Thank you so much!"
Oakstone Academy
Nominated by: Regina Kelley

Youth Leadership Academy


Nominated by: Nathan Swords

"We have always loved working with Entourage, but we are so grateful they are able to help our school with this grant. We usually depend upon a strong fundraising season in the spring, but we could not safely do that this year. As a charter school, we needed any funding possible; especially since we are hoping to expand our services. Our school's culture encourages freedom, and we are looking towards new and safe ways we can do that as a community. The Next Generation Grant helped us with this goal by giving us the ability to purchase interactive touchboards for our classrooms!

Even though they are still living through this pandemic, our students seem to have a rejuvenated spirit to be back in school again. We are excited to provide these new learning opportunities for our students and it is exciting to watch them learn and grow together, despite these uncertain times. Entourage understands the importance of education in all forms, and we can't wait to use these boards for everything - including our yearbook this year!"


Most frequent questions and answers

When is the application due?

We accept applications throughout the year, but make decisions and distribute grants within three tranches. Below are the dates when decisions are made:

Tranche Deadline One: April 15th
Tranche Deadline Two: August 31st
Tranche Deadline Three: December 15th (tentative)

What can the funding be applied towards?

Grant funding can be utilized for anything that will help further develop your school, however the grant primarily focuses on funding technology as we believe technology is a powerful tool that encourages better education.

When do schools get an update on their application?

Applicants will be notified via email whether they have or have not been selected for funding. You can expect to receive an email from our marketing team within a month after the application deadline.

How and when do schools receive funding?

Grant funding is issued via a physical check. Schools can expect to receive grant funding within a month after the application deadline. You will receive an email from Entourage Yearbooks that states when your check will be mailed out.

Who makes the final decisions?

To help us remain as unbiased as possible, our Advisors Council makes all final decisions for funding. Grant applications are reviewed by our leadership team as well for organizational purposes.

Can I apply more than once?

Schools can apply more than once a year if their previous application did not result in grant approval. If your school did receive funding, congrats! We encourage you to apply next year in order to give other schools the opportunity to receive funding.

Can I nominate a school?

Yes! We encourage everyone to apply, whether they are an Entourage customer or not. Please send the application form to a teacher administrator from the school you'd like to nominate. If you are unsure who to send the application to, please fill out the application to the best of your ability - we'll reach out to school and figure out the rest!
If you have any questions or concerns regarding the application process or the status of your application, please don't hesitate to contact us.