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Customer Quotes and Reviews

Sandrine Perkins

Wicoff Elementary

Plainsboro, New Jersey

"Entourage is a great company. We had a very easy experience and all of Entourage's employees are very friendly. It made me feel at ease."

Sherri Strauss

Weston School

Manville, New Jersey

"The quality of the yearbooks were... Oh my god! For how much we paid versus the quality of the printing, it was amazing. Even when we received the proof book, everyone said it was so much better than last year. When we received the final books they were even better."

Lana & Barbara

Millstone River School

Plainsboro, New Jersey

"Outstanding customer service. Outstanding! Great end product! Definitely will make the kids happy."

Robert Stratton

Atrisco High School

Rio Rancho, New Mexico

"Entourage Yearbooks has been a complete saver. If it wasn't for their exemplary service, our yearbook would have never turned out so amazing. So I want to say thank you Entourage for all of your hard work and amazing service. We will be back next year!"

Pam & Mike

Inwood Intermediate

New York, New York

"Working with Entourage is always a pleasure. There hasn't been one time that I called and haven't gotten someone on the phone after 30 seconds. Entourage is very flexible in meeting our needs."

Claire Ruiz

Menlo Park Terrace

Metuchen, New Jersey

"If you want an amazing treasured memory, I highly recommend Entourage Yearbooks for its customer service and ease for beginners."

Dana Maslowsky

Sunnybrae Elementary

Yardville, New Jersey

"Just give up your current yearbook company and use Entourage Yearbooks!"

Marie Theilacker

Sparta Lacrosse

Sparta, New Jersey

"I want to once again say thank was an absolute pleasure working with you!! The league was extremely happy with the yearbooks as were all of the kids, and that equals SUCCESS!!!"

Ann Britschge

St. Paul School

Princeton, New Jersey

"The process was very easy. Everything Entourage did made this a great experience for me and my students."

Myrna Sharma

Central School

Warren, New Jersey

"Entourage has exceptional quality and great tech support."

Gabrielle Chapman

New Egypt Primary School

New Egypt, New Jersey

"The software is user friendly, and Entourage customer service is easy to connect with and always helpful."

Lisa Clark & Lisa Ostrowski

Frost PTA

East Brunswick, New Jersey

"We would highly recommend Entourage's great quality product and great customer service. It was a pleasure to work with Entourage Yearbooks."
Wicoff Elementary
Weston School
Millstone River School
Atrisco High School
Inwood Intermediate
Menlo Park Terrace
Sunnybrae Elementary
Sparta Lacrosse
St. Paul School
Central School
New Egypt Primary School
Frost PTA

"Entourage offers the best customer service of any company, of any type, I have had to work with in many years! Keep up the GREAT work! Customer service is your strong suit! Also, the newsletters and hints are great! I had a GREAT experience with your company this year. We have signed up for 5 more years! :)"

- Tracie Moore, Hope Christian School

"We got the yearbook and we are thrill about it. We have heard only compliments! Thanks so much for your support"

- Helga Dienes, Key Biscayne Community Church Day School

"Entourage was prompt in returning all emails, always available by telephone and very responsive in dealing with any concerns or questions that I had throughout the school year. I am thankful that we were able to have sucha successful exprience with our yearbook last year"

- Anna Sikkema, Creekside Elementary

"We chose Entourage because their commitment to customer service is at the heart of their mission statement. The use of technology, the flexibility in submission, and the ability to review and revise our work allowed our yearbook to be an immeasurable success."

- Sheila Weigryn, Academy for Allied Health Sciences

"Customer service and tech support was excellent. Very quick responses both by email and telephone."

- Gwen Vogler, Humphrey Elementary School

"My group was totally blown away by the wonderful quality of our yearbook. It was exactly what I was looking for and we are very happy with the final product."

- Karen Dickson, SPEAR Academy

"The technical support I received was great! You went above and beyond in helping us to fix the problems with our pictures."

- Beth McSherry-Nichols, Holy Martyrs School

"Entourage has been nothing but fantastic! Patient, knowledgeable, kind. I can not say enough good things about them. . .Top notch!"

- Kristi Silva, Oliveira Elementary

"Entourage are glorious! Thank you from the bottom of my heart in helping to make this book a reality. I feel a particular amount of pride in seeing something we designed come to life through your hard work and helping hands. I AM COMING BACK!!! I look forward to working with Entourage for this year's book and rest assured that when I pass this job to the next worthy leader, it will be Entourage that I recommend do it. You have made this process as quick, painless and natural as breathing and have given me the fresh air to deliver a quality product the crew wants, has earned and deserves."

- Jason Weber Miller, USS Decatur

"Your staff was EXTREMELY helpful and worked very closely with us when we were near the end of production time. Your team helped us with pages we couldn't do ourselves and we had help to the last minute... I can't say enough great things about your hard work and helpful attitude!"

- Lena Vollaro, Gymtime

"Entourage Yearbooks was very flexible and they helped us manage to our deadlines, instead of managing to theirs. The price was right and they helped us at every stage of the process."

- Michelle Glover, Henry Highland Garnett - PS #175

"Our experience with Entourage was great. Your staff was really willing to listen to all of our ideas and input about the yearbook so we really felt personally responsible for parts of the yearbook without having to do the work!"

- Christina Jung, Emory School of Medicine

"Excellent customer service!! Your company answered my every question (and there were a lot of them) and bent over backwards to make sure we had a positive experience. We were thrilled with Entourage."

- Jennifer Gebbie, Waymaker's Home School Group

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"I would, AGAIN, like to thank you all VERY MUCH for the WONDERFUL, PROFESSIONAL, and AWESOME job you all have done to get this yearbook out. We all sincerely appreciate all that you all have done for SESD Theological Bible Institute and I am certain that all of the students will feel the same way."

- Lisa Y. Prez, S.E.S.D. Theological Institute

"You don't know how much I really appreciate your help. You are true to your company's philosophy of helping even to the last minute."

- Noel Arellano, Our Lady of Sorrows Academy


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