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Entourage Yearbooks is leading the yearbook industry in easy and affordable yearbook services. We provide everything that yearbooks advisors in California need to create and publish remarkable yearbooks from start to finish. With an emphasis on stellar service, the latest designing and printing technology, and no-commitment contracts, we have transformed the way California schools make their yearbooks. We also offer a full array of premium printing services for everything from cruisebooks, military books, sports teams, and family reunions to church and corporate directories.

Ana Ortiz

Ana Ortiz

Entourage Yearbooks was my first introduction to yearbooks. I began my work at Entourage Yearbooks about 6 years ago in the Telesales and Technical Support department. As I gained knowledge about yearbooks, my interest and passion for yearbooks started growing.

Now, being a part of the sales team, I have the opportunity to share my yearbook knowledge with hundreds of Schools and Organizations. I enjoy working with a company that embraces technology and makes designing a yearbook easy for advisors, parents, and students.  

Jennifer Clark is a Southern California native who grew up in the Lake Elsinore and Temecula area and attended Temescal Canyon High School.  She has been involved in yearbook creation since 6th grade when yearbook staffs were still using cropping crayons, grids and photo position stickers.  She was an Editor on her yearbook staff throughout her high school years and enjoyed being a part of the process from creation to publication. She has worked in the yearbook industry since graduating from college at UCSD.  She enjoys working with schools and helping them to create the yearbook they envision. She has been a part of the Entourage family since 2015 and truly believes in their mission to provide amazing yearbooks to schools and organizations at an affordable price.  In her spare time, she enjoys taking and teaching Zumba classes, trying new restaurants, hiking, camping, traveling and spending time with her family. She currently resides in San Diego and loves to do EdOnline training sessions with the local schools in her area to show them how easy the yearbook process can truly be!

Jennifer Clark

Jennifer Clark

Design Your Yearbook Online

We’ve made it easier than ever before to design your yearbook online. With our comprehensive yearbook templates and resources, you can easily organize your yearbook staff and provide easy style guides and other guidelines that help focus the team’s creative process. Discover hundreds of easy-to-use yearbook templates, dozens of backgrounds, theme ideas, cover templates, free fonts, and more. On top of that, you can utilize our user-friendly proprietary yearbook design software to pull it all together.

Personalized Yearbook Marketing

Marketing your yearbook to generate sales from both students and parents can be overwhelming – after all, you likely just coordinated the creation and publication of an entire yearbook! Our experts can give you recommendations or even put together yearbook marketing materials for you. Procure everything from personalized posters and handouts to order forms and email marketing templates for your marketing efforts!

California Yearbook Printing & Cover Services

The yearbook printing and binding options we provide can take your yearbook to the next level. Create a truly impressive yearbook with options like full bleed printing for endsheets, embossed and debossed covers, full-color dust jackets, a variety of coatings, foil stamps, and more!

Yearbook Programs That Work for You

At Entourage Yearbooks, our number one priority is to ensure that we cater to your specific needs. Does your yearbook staff like to use desktop design software? We can provide our press ready program. Do they favor a scrap-booking style? Try our Cut & Paste program. Don’t have a yearbook staff in the first place? Our virtual yearbook staff is the perfect solution for you! Just send us your photos and ideas and we can create a beautiful yearbook designed specifically for you and your school. Discover our yearbook program options today!

Entourage Yearbooks provides everything that California yearbook advisors and their teams need to create a stunning yearbook for elementary schoolsmiddle schoolshigh schoolscolleges and universities, and more. Call us at 609-452-2665 or contact us online today to learn more about our advanced yearbook products and services!