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Yearbook Software & Tools

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Entourage Yearbooks provides a variety of yearbook design software options to tailor the right yearbook solution for your school program. Whether you’re new to desktop design or an experienced graphic designer, Entourage offers industry leading software options to make the most of your yearbook!

Design Your Yearbook Online!

Entourage offers the best online solution to easily organize and design your yearbook with our industry leading EDOnline. software.

EDOnline provides a range of yearbook design features, including:

  • Online Yearbook Page Design:

    Work from any computer, both the Mac and PC!

  • Online Collaboration Tools:

    Work with your staff and collaborate with other yearbook professionals and staffs

  • Use Photos From Instagram & Facebook:

    Make collecting photos even easier

  • Hundreds of prebuilt templates and designs:

    Includes hundreds of professionally designed templates

Online Tools

Entourage offers a variety of online tools to help you manage your yearbook project.

These tools have been developed to help manage every aspect of the yearbook process from design ideas, to organizing your content, to final submission. You can take advantage of it all through Entourage’s online services.

Other Supported Software

Have your own design software? Through Entourage you won’t have to start from scratch. We can support you and your favorite design software, providing support and templates for the following software packages on both the PC and the Macintosh platforms
    • Adobe InDesign CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, & CC
    • Adobe Acrobat
    • Adobe PhotoShop & Illustrator
    • QuarkXPress
    • Microsoft Publisher 2000 and XP
    • PageMaker 7.0
    • Microsoft Office (Microsoft Word and PowerPoint)
    • Other software packages also available, contact us today to find out more

    Entourage also provides an extensive Yearbook Starter Kit for all of your yearbook solutions!

Need more information? You can contact us at or call us at 1-888-YBOOKS1