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Columns and Grids

By Jackie Davis / November 13, 2023 Similar to our post about Guidelines (the outer parts of your pages), using columns and grids in the yearbook layout has many benefits,...

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Guidelines, who needs guidelines – WE DO!

Guidelines, who needs guidelines – WE DO! When I first started designing yearbooks, I didn’t quite understand the differences between all those extra warning lines on the pages, but with...

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Yes, I’m a Yearbook Groupie

Yes, I’m a Yearbook Groupie by Lynn Greenberg / August 21, 2023 Having just returned from the annual Entourage Yearbook Advisors’ Conference, I’ve spent some time reflecting on what it...

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Poetry Is In The Air (And in Yearbooks)

April was National Poetry Month, and Entourage Yearbooks is printing more poetry than ever before! There have been countless unforeseeable side effects of the Coronavirus pandemic (for example: did you...

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Need More Yearbooks?

Whether you need to use online sales to sell more yearbooks after you’ve already gone to print, want parents to be able to buy books directly from Entourage at any...

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