The Advisors’ Academy: Professional Development for the Next Generation of Yearbook Advisors

According to Kelsey Charzewski, Entourage Academy Program Director, Entourage’s mission is to foster the professional development of the next generation of yearbook advisors so that they are able to “lead great yearbook programs at their school.” To accomplish these goals, Entourage has established the Advisors’ Academy which seeks to not only recognize the dedication of yearbook advisors, but encourage, support, and provide resources as well as a wide range of privileges to participating advisors. For example, the company already has the industry’s fastest turnaround time but Master Advisors can earn the option to utilize a rushed production of their yearbooks.

Charzewski explained that the Master Advisor Consulting Program, one of the Academy’s most anticipated services, forms a community that links novice advisors with master advisors who have “mastered the knowledge, leadership, and management of their school's yearbook through technologies needed to build the book, budget management and profit margins, and marketing.” Master advisors are able to visit member advisors as consultants to help them with various aspects of the yearbook. Ruben Cazares, a master yearbook advisor at Sunnyside High School in Tucson, Arizona, recalled the uncertainty he felt when his former yearbook vendor was unable to provide sufficient support and he was unable to consult with his school’s previous advisor. Cazares sought guidance from the yearbook advisor at Desert View High School who helped him to organize his yearbook program and also introduced him to the vendor he has worked with for over four years, Entourage Yearbooks. Cazares added that he is happy to give back and provide guidance similar to that which he received from his mentor.

Novice advisors are eligible to participate in the kick-start program which includes an overview from another advisor regarding how to use the Entourage system of tools, access help, share best practices in organizing people, create a schedule, and discussing the top ten common mistakes made in creating yearbooks. Advisors of varying experience levels would benefit from services such as proofreading, on-site yearbook rescue, and webinar training. Additionally, members of the Advisors’ Academy will have access to yearbook coursework and lesson plans that other advisors have submitted in exchange for compensation. Entourage believes that yearbook advisors can achieve amazing things if they feel supported and have the tools that they need. The company hopes that the encouragement, resources, training, and privileges provided by the new Advisors’ Academy will help yearbook advisors to feel empowered to create amazing as well as memorable yearbook programs.

Please visit this page for more information about the Advisors' Academy. You may also email academy(at)entourageyearbooks(dot)com or call 888-926-6571, ext. 101.

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