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Top 4 Ways to Get Yearbook Inspiration

A new school year is rapidly approaching, which means that new yearbook projects are about to commence in schools all across the country. Whether this is your first yearbook committee or your 30th, you likely want to come up with an original approach that excites students, parents, and administrators while staying true to your school’s unique identity. This is often much easier said than done.  As a yearbook company, we help our clients create yearbooks all the time. Still, we never cease to be amazed at the creativity that schools and their yearbook teams display! The possibilities are truly endless. While that can be intimidating, there are a few ways… Read More

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Ideas for Making Use of Leftover School Yearbooks

Many times customers of Entourage Yearbooks think that the company did such a great job with publishing their yearbook that they want more. When a yearbook publishing company does such a good job that people who originally didn’t care about the books start asking if they can order, it’s a good idea to have extra books on hand. At the end of the year, schools often find themselves with spare yearbooks. Although it’s always better to have too many than too little, no yearbook committee wants to feel as though their budget was not utilized properly. Spare yearbooks can come in handy when schools least expect it, and they can… Read More

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