Entourage Yearbooks

The Strongest Yearbook Binding

Entourage uses the two strongest methods for binding yearbooks in the industry. Watch the following video to see which binding method is right for your school.

PUR Binding

PUR binding is one of the strongest binding method for books up to 80 pages. This binding method uses an epoxy type of glue to attach your pages to your book binding. This binding is used for many yearbooks with smaller page counts and need a fast turnaround time for production.

Smythe Sewn Binding

Smythe sewn binding is one of the oldest forms of book binding and has time tested reliability to last for generations. Entourage is one of the fastest and best smythe sew binders in the country. Smythe sewn binding is perfect for books with more than 80 pages and are know to open for flat, meaning you can see the contents of where the pages are connected to the binding better.