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As we all know, going back to school this year will be unlike any other. Being a teacher has always seemed like a balancing act with managing the time and energy put into your work. But now that tightrope is thinning, and teachers everywhere need a safety net to rely on. That is why Entourage has been committing ourselves to the many ways we can serve schools and communities during this unprecedented time.

The biggest priority we have is the health and safety of the teachers we work with who are sacrificing so much to do what is simply their job. We understand what is being asked of you this year is not a situation that should be taken lightly. Teachers deserve safe solutions that evolve with the procedures that have been constantly been changing. Finding those solutions is exactly what Entourage has been focused on these past few months. No matter where your classroom is this year, Entourage is ready to assist you with more than your yearbook.



Entourage Yearbooks has taken the time to find flexible programs and resources that can adapt to any teacher’s needs. Start strong, start secure, and stay connected by reading more about these COVID-19 solutions for your school.

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Book Building Services

Creating a yearbook may not be at the top of your priority list this school year, and it doesn’t have to be! Let our Special Project Assistance team (SPA) do all the hard work for you. Even if all you are able to do this year is upload photos, our specialized team of designers is ready to layout templates, insert portrait pages, and even proofread your book before production. We are living in a historic time that should be documented even at the local level, so what better way to do that than through your yearbook? And what better way to relax about your yearbook creation than visiting our SPA team. Learn more about our book building services by clicking here


Next Generation Grant

Teachers are incredibly underfunded, and have been for quite some time. This year has put an even greater financial strain on those who have already spent so much out of their own pockets. No one should have to worry about whether they will have enough masks or sanitizers, or even how they can afford remote learning tools. That’s why Entourage created a way for schools to apply for extra funding, wherever they may need it most during the COVID-19 pandemic. We cannot call ourselves a next generation company if we do not find ways to keep the next generation secure. Find out how your school can be qualified today by clicking here


Individual Shipping

During the spring months, we witnessed many schools needing to close their doors to keep everyone safe and healthy. This put a burden on how to effectively offer yearbook deliveries without creating more stress around the already stressful situation. Entourage quickly came up with options for schools to sign up for an individual shipping method that worked best for their unique situations. Every order is automatically tracked with custom shipping rates for anyone who has chosen the ship-to-home method. We have kept this program in place for any schools who are continuing to stay closed this school year, as we want to encourage those who are helping to stop the curve. Read more about why we implemented this option for closed schools by clicking here. Find more individual shipping methods by clicking here.


Coronavirus Newsletter & Feedback

Sign up for our newsletter to receive compiled information on safety and health protocols, stories from other schools, inspiration for your yearbook, and further remote resources to use this school year. We will also be offering a chance for your feedback on what other resources you may need or programs we can create for you. Entourage knows that you are the professionals, so we are here to listen to your needs rather than assume what is best for you. Our newsletter will be emailed monthly with our survey feedback attached. Fill out our information form to be part of the Entourage Family by clicking here

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