The Top Elementary School Yearbook Company

Entourage Yearbooks has a comprehensive set of tools and services that make your elementary school yearbook project as simple as possible. Our advanced software allows schools to easily create pages on their own schedule, and our fast turn-around time of three weeks promises that elementary schools won’t have to leave out end-of-the-year events.

The Easiest Way to Make an Elementary School Yearbook

No matter your level of experience, Entourage Yearbooks makes the design process as easy and seamless as possible. Choose from a wide range of professional-designed templates, fonts, and themes, integrate our platform with programs you like to use like PhotoShop, InDesign, and more, or blend both approaches to work the way that best suits you and your team.

Strongest Book-Binding in the Industry

No amount of creative and compelling content can make a poorly printed yearbook feel high-quality. Entourage Yearbooks employs the latest printing techniques along with superior materials to create yearbooks that look and feel truly impressive. After all – these books should last as long as people want to cherish the memories inside!

Automate Collecting Photos from Everywhere!

Because cloud storage and social media options only continue to proliferate, procuring and collecting photos from your school community can become quite a headache. With Entourage Yearbooks, however, you can integrate platforms like Google Drive, Dropbox, Instagram, and Facebook into our own platform, effectively bringing everything together into one easy-to-navigate place!

Automate Fundraising through Your Yearbook

Budgets are often an elementary yearbook advisor’s biggest obstacle. Entourage Yearbooks makes it easy for advisors and their yearbook teams to fundraise. If you need personalized fliers, posters, and brochures for your fundraising efforts, Entourage has you covered. We can even help you fundraise directly through the yearbook via boosters and ads that parents can edit directly through our online platform!


We Can Make Pages for You!

That’s right – take almost all the work out of creating a yearbook by relying on our virtual yearbook staff. Simply send us your photos and ideas, and we’ll work with you to create a fantastic yearbook specifically designed for your school.

Make Sure Each Student Is Included

With custom pages, you can make sure every student feels like the yearbook is a personal treasure by allowing them to directly edit personalized pages in the yearbook. Each book in a printing could have a touch that’s unique to the student that purchased it, creating yearbooks unlike any other!

Create Your Best Yearbook Ever

Ready to discover the next generation of yearbooks? Call Entourage Yearbooks at 609-452-2665 or contact them online to request a free sample and price quote today!