Use Entourage Yearbooks design tools to incorporate this moment of history into your yearbook!

Design a yearbook spread on the topic of COVID-19, the heroes in your community, or how your school adjusted to remote learning.



The Design Team at Entourage Yearbooks has been creating templates and clip art to assist you with building yearbook pages dedicated to the effects of the Coronavirus. We consider yearbooks to be an essential part of journalism as they capture such a specific perspective of not only the students, but their communities. So many topics could be covered from not only how your school adjusted, but to how businesses like grocery stores needed to adjust too. We encourage you to also include inspiring stories of local heroes in your own community who were on the front lines working for others during the crisis. This can include grocery stores too!


Access these design tools in our EDO Designer:

You can find our new templates under the Year in Review or Collage categories from the Templates button. Our new clip art can be found under the Health category from the Clip Art button.

We currently have:

  • 26 COVID-19 Templates

  • 20 #CoronaHeroes and Superhero Templates

  • 32 Remote Learning Templates

  • 53 Clip Art Designs



We created both pre-made spreads with information already provided, and the option to add your own story. But we can’t wait to see what our schools create and how they will showcase the power they had to overcome a difficult time in their lives.

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