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When your school events get cancelled...

Poinsettia Elementary
Becky, a parent volunteer at Poinsettia Elementary in California, came up with a creative way to fill the now cancelled school events in the yearbook. She will be emailing parents to ask for pictures of their students working on schoolwork from home. Entourage was able to help Becky set up a dedicated email address from our online EDO software to help simplify this process for her. Parents will upload picture submissions to the dedicated email address. Pictures submitted through this email address will automatically be uploaded into the category for Becky to then use in the yearbook. Becky was so impressed with this option, she now will be making more categories with dedicated email address to reach out to teachers to get more pictures and content to fill the pages in their yearbook. Entourage wishes Becky and all of the other parent volunteers the best of luck!

... the yearbook doesn't have to be too!

Mountain West Montessori
As a yearbook advisor during these trying times, Terra was worried that she would not be able to fill all her pages with content. School closures and end of the year events being canceled has presented her with a challenge to fill empty pages and she was thinking about deleting some of her page count. The Entourage team was able to share with Terra some suggestions of different ways she could fill her pages with some of the pre-made templates and where to locate those in our EDO software. Terra was grateful that Entourage made the effort to check in and come to the rescue with their suggestions and help. Mountain West Montessori Academy has decided to leave the extra pages at this time and are looking forward to documenting the current events of the historic times. Entourage is thrilled to hear that advisors, like Terra, are adapting and making the necessary changes to their books so that the yearbook tradition can remain a constant in the changing school year.

When the going gets tough...

PS 9 Sarah Anderson School
Many schools were most likely left feeling unsure of how to handle their yearbook orders since their school campus is closed. Once Entourage introduced our Individual Shipping option, many have started to take advantage of this program! Trisha Plantz and Christine Plothow, from PS 9 Sarah Anderson School in New York, represented one of these schools. They decided mailing yearbooks directly to the students was the best option for their students rather than no yearbook at all. However, Trisha and Christine were concerned about the additional shipping fees that would add to the price of their yearbook. After speaking with their Entourage Sales Representative, together they came up with the solution of reducing the amount of pages in their yearbook. This helped offset the pricing, cover the shipping costs, and keep the yearbook price the same! Way to overcome your distribution challenge PS 9 Sarah Anderson, we know your book will turn out great!

... the tough get going!

Raymond-Knowles Elementary
Michelle Townsend, the Principal of Raymond-Knowles Elementary in California, is faced with many of the same challenges being presented to schools at this time. Despite the concerns, she knew for certain that she did not want to cancel her yearbook. When Michelle contacted Entourage Yearbooks she explained that instead of canceling her book order, she was going to increase the number of books she was going to purchase. Michelle explained that she believes it is important and essential that EVERY student at her school receives a book at the end of this year. Michelle also told us about a senior student that has stepped up and decided to help complete the yearbook as his senior project. Our Entourage team could not think of a better way to celebrate the whole school’s accomplishment of making it through hard times, than with a yearbook filled with good memories, hard work, and a student hero that offered to pitch in!

Look for the helpers...

Fireside Elementary
The outbreak of the coronavirus has been a disruptive force in education everywhere. Schools have been closed now for weeks, students and teachers are adjusting to a new normal of online learning curriculum. We applaud teachers everywhere for making the best of the current situation. Recently we learned of some parent hero’s from Fireside Elementary. After the fifth grade graduation and party was officially cancelled, parent volunteers wanted to bring back some normalcy to the students. The parent volunteers unanimously decided that finishing the yearbook in a way to show the resiliency and true colors of the school, administrators, and students would be a perfect ending to a not so perfect year. These three parents can only be described as hero’s, and have anonymously purchased a yearbook for each student attending the school. They felt having a yearbook would bring everyone together to cherish the memories made this year, and would also mark this historical time in the students lives. We love to hear stories like this where school communities come together and exemplify what it means to unify as one to celebrate their students accomplishments.

... you'll always find people helping

The Jones-Gordon Schoo
The Jones-Gordon School has a mission to educate and encourage students who learn differently. With the closure of their school, the administrators and educators were faced with how to teach their students in the best way possible. Using computers with special software and technology and chrome books, the students have been able to continue studying using Schoology and Google Meet for live classes. Since their Jones- Gordon yearbook club has not been able to meet due to COVID-19, the responsibility of completing the book has fallen into the hands of the advisor and a group of select parents and students. Ms. Izzy describes herself as a “passionate YERD guru” (YERD: Yearbook Nerd) and has taken on the challenge of following through with her book’s completion this summer. Empowered by her dedication to preserve and share memories, Izzy, along with parents and students that will contribute, will detail the events of the school year along with the history that is unfolding before them. Students, teachers, parents, and the administration will celebrate and cherish having the memories of the year to look back on and can share them with generations to come. We commend Izzy for being one of the many #coronaheros Entourage works with. Thank you for sharing your story, loving your students and job, and for embracing the changes needed to make your school memories last a lifetime.

In the midst of chaos...

Herbert Hoover Elementary
It can be understandable that there is a lot to worry about right now as we all wonder when we will be able to return to our social activities, our workplace, and when it will be safe to see our friends and family again. Adults are feeling this anxiety, so of course kids and teens are feeling it too. Among all the uncertainty though, we must try to focus on maintaining a positive outlook. Whether the students you know are in grade school or high school, they may need our help to calm their concerns. Dr. Glennon, the principal of Herbert Hoover Elementary in Pennsylvania, is doing just that for students through mindful activities. Each morning, Dr. Glennon reads books to his students and posts them to Twitter and the school’s Youtube channel. One of the schools teachers even posts a daily Yoga challenge to encourage students to stay calm and focused. Keeping students and their school community together in solidarity is a great way to stay connected and help the students feel some type of normalcy in these uncertain times. We applaud Herbert Hoover Elementary in their effort to promote mental health through staying positive and motivated for their students!!

... there is also opportunity

Washington Union Elementary
Washington Union Elementary, in California, is aware of the fear and anxiety their community is facing, and are working to help students and parents to cope with the stress around them. They have made themselves fully available digitally and have chosen to use Instagram to stay in contact and help to share photos. Since being ordered to shelter in place, the school has posted on Instagram various suggestions for students to help their mental health such as sending in photos of how students are keeping busy, 30 suggestions students can do to help their emotional health, a video asking for photos of how students are staying active, and to participate in a virtual spirit week. Teachers, parents, and students are participating and inspiring others to share through photos of bike rides, baking, social distancing, learning from home, creating music, and making the best of a tough situation. Mrs. Hoag, the yearbook advisor, along with the school counselor implemented taking a “Mindful Minute” this year. Families are encouraged to use the Headspace App to guide them in everyday mindfulness and meditation. The classes had planned to compete before the school closures and have continued the fun competition during the shelter in place to see who could take the most “Mindful Minutes” for the month. Mrs. Hoag looks forward to adding photos that students are sharing via Instagram to the school yearbook and highlighting the historic events taking place around them! Washington Union administration, teachers, and Mrs. Hoag have all gone above and beyond to make sure that their students are involved and are taking care of themselves. Job well done!!

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Entourage understands that during these uncertain times, many don’t know where to turn to or what to do while working on their yearbook. We want to remind you that you’re not alone, and we’re here to help.