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Why Your High School Yearbook Needs an Entourage

WEBWIRE – Monday, June 15, 2009 These days, seems like everyone needs an entourage. From pop star divas to the president himself, apparently the consensus is that having an Entourage just makes things easier. The founders who created Entourage Yearbooks couldn’t agree more. High school yearbook planning and printing can be a headache and hard […]

Creative Yearbook Funding Ideas

Keep it Simple Entourage Yearbooks, a yearbook publishing company, shares some of their clients’ past success stories for effectively funding yearbook projects.  Some of the simplest ideas include penny drives, booster text and advertising pages for local and corporate businesses. Funding a yearbook can become a great opportunity for schools to bring together the entire […]

Entourage Yearbooks Offers Fastest Turnaround Time

Did You Know? Entourage Yearbooks wants schools to know that there is still time to capture the memories and legacy of the school year in a customized school yearbook. With turnaround times as little as three weeks, Entourage features the easiest resources schools need! They credit their quick turnaround times to dedicated account managers who […]

How to Save Money on School Yearbooks During A Recession

Creating a memorable school yearbook during a recession can be challenging. Funds are limited, donations have been cut back, and prices only seem to be going up. Savvy schools know, however, that creating a school yearbook during a recession can actually be more economical. During a recession, yearbook companies are more likely to be competitive […]

Chance Meeting Allows Title 1 School in Harlem to Develop Yearbook Program

Across the country, public school systems are making tough decisions about school closures, hiring freezes and student activity cuts. In New York City, the situation is no different. At P.S. 171 in Spanish Harlem, a plan for a new yearbook program was shelved once again for lack of funds.“It was decided that the yearbook was […]

How to Avoid the Top Mistakes Yearbook Editors Make

Avoid costly yearbook printing mistakes by following these simple tips from top yearbook publishing company, Entourage Yearbooks. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PRLog (Press Release) – Jun 23, 2010 – Top yearbook publishing company, Entourage Yearbooks, offers advice on how to avoid common yearbook printing mistakes. 1.  Missed delivery dates:  Avoid missing out on the most important […]

Ideas for Making Use of Leftover School Yearbooks

Many times customers of Entourage Yearbooks think that the company did such a great job with publishing their yearbook that they want more. When a yearbook publishing company does such a good job that people who originally didn’t care about the books start asking if they can order, it’s a good idea to have extra […]

Are You Getting The Yearbook Experience You Deserve?

7 Tips for Getting the Most out of your Yearbook Company Entourage Yearbooks is the fastest-growing yearbook company in the country, utilizing cutting-edge technologies and unparalleled customer service. After making yearbooks in 50 states, 19 countries, and 7 continents (yes, even Antarctica), we have compiled a list for you on how to form the best […]