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Yearbook Building Services

Relax, Let SPA Build Your Yearbook

We get it. Making yearbooks is hard work! And who has the time?
Entourage is here to help. Our Special Project Assistance team (a.k.a. SPA team) is a group of specialized designers who have mastered the book building process.
Become a guest with the SPA and build your best yearbook ever!
Once you become a member of the SPA program, you’ll be contacted by your designer to discuss options and ideas for your upcoming project. You’ll be able to choose from a list of pre-existing themes, or have the chance to create a custom theme for an additional cost. Once your theme is chosen, simply send us your photos.
Then sit back and relax! Your designer will create your pages based on your needs. You can make changes or request edits anytime, so you will be able to still have complete control over the final look of your project.


SPA Team service rates start at $40 an hour, with the ability to add free hours depending on your yearbook project size. We understand every project has unique circumstances, so be sure to discuss options with your Sales Representative. All pricing is subject to change based on the estimate provided.
No upfront costs until 5 hours of design time have been logged. SPA guests can then expect additional invoices to be sent after each 10 hours of logged design time.

Start Today!

If you don’t have an account with Entourage Yearbooks, click here to request more information.

If you already have an account with Entourage Yearbooks and you would like to use our SPA program, please contact your Account Manager or reach out to Krysta Peterson at krysta.peterson@entourageyearbooks.com

Our book building team is here to do the work
for you!
Our SPA Team offers a wide variety of services, including:
  • Whole yearbook building: This service is ideal if you have not started your book project yet (or have very little done). Using our professionally designed templates and themes, we can quickly build an entire book for you!
  • Custom yearbook template design: Do you have a theme you really want to do this year? Let us know! Our graphic designers will work with you to make your ideas into reality**
  • Custom cover design: We will work with you to design a cover fitting for your school.
  • Student portrait flow: Using our innovative People Page technology, creating your student portrait pages is a breeze.  We can help flow these pages for you so it gets done quickly and easily.
  • Photo and PDF uploading: Let us help you get everything you need uploaded to your yearbook project.**
  • Old yearbook recreation: Want to recreate an old yearbook? We can help with that! As long as you have PDFs or the original yearbook pages, we can recreate old yearbooks for you and your alumni community.
  • Yearbook Proofing: Do you want someone to proof read your yearbook for you? We have a team of editors who can review your book for spelling and grammar mistakes.**
  • School/community outreach: We can create posters, flyers and order forms for your school, as well as set up a dedicated website for your school community to buy books through our LINK website. **