Entourage Yearbooks

Automated Book Creation

Tutorial video on how to quickly and easily create a photo book using Entourages exclusive ABC technology (Automated Book Creation). Create a photo book in minutes. Great for photographers with structured data.

People Pages Tutorial

Online video tutorial on how to easily upload and organize your student photos and data into your yearbook. EdOnlines automated people pages is the fastest way to create student pages for yearbooks.

Entourage SYTE 2016

Entourage Yearbooks and Smooth have joined to together to sponsor a special School Yearbook Technology and Education workshop for yearbook advisors in New York City. The event was held at Columbia University on November 2nd, 2016. Topics that were covered included predictions about the future of yea

Lincoln College Prep: Break The Cycle II

In December 2015, we traveled to Kansas City, Missouri to talk to Jenny Raynor, Elite Yearbook Advisor, and her students about their yearbook project. When we returned, we were overwhelmed with the students response. Jenny and her team are proof that limited resources cant get in the way of limitl

Lincoln College Prep: Break The Cycle

When education suffers due to limited resources, its time to #breakthecycle. We traveled to Kansas City, Missouri to find out how Jenny Raynor did just that for Lincoln College Preparatory Academy.