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Why Artifacts Can Add Meaning and Beauty to Your Yearbooks

by Briana Hilton It is amazing to think that something almost every student cherishes when they graduate—a yearbook—has a rich history that dates back to the 17th century. Back then, yearbooks were used as a kind of logbook to keep track of student enrollments, grades, and other relevant information. Today, they are so much more […]

Columns and Grids

By Jackie Davis / November 13, 2023 Similar to our post about Guidelines (the outer parts of your pages), using columns and grids in the yearbook layout has many benefits, both for creating a good design and for higher scores for contests. Whether you are starting, designing, or completing your pages, you can still update […]

Guidelines, who needs guidelines – WE DO!

Guidelines, who needs guidelines – WE DO! When I first started designing yearbooks, I didn’t quite understand the differences between all those extra warning lines on the pages, but with a little knowledge about those 3 special lines, you can make sure your yearbook doesn’t fall into one of the yearbook regrets! Here is a […]

How do I start to plan a yearbook?

How do I start to plan a yearbook? When I started as a yearbook person, I had no idea how to organize and plan a yearbook or even that you could plan out a yearbook that is more fitting to your school and your style. The only thing I did was look at the previous […]

Why Yearbooks are an Integral Part of University Life

Why Yearbooks are an Integral Part of University Life The Importance of Yearbooks in University Life Yearbooks play a crucial role in university life, encapsulating our academic journey’s memorable experiences and milestones. They serve as a tangible keepsake of our university years, filled with photos, stories, and achievements that help us remember the people we […]

Photo Albums — a Meaningful Way to Stay Connected During Deployment for Military Families

military photobooks

Photo Albums — a Meaningful Way to Stay Connected During Deployment for Military Families by Briana Hilton Depression affects 23% of active-duty military, according to one 2021 meta-analysis.  With the prevalence of depression being higher in the military than among the general population, Medical News Today points out that this may stem from the several, […]

Yes, I’m a Yearbook Groupie

Yes, I’m a Yearbook Groupie by Lynn Greenberg / August 21, 2023 Having just returned from the annual Entourage Yearbook Advisors’ Conference, I’ve spent some time reflecting on what it has meant to me to be a “yearbook person” and what I’ve learned from attending the conference for a number of years.  I worked as […]

Poetry Is In The Air (And in Yearbooks)

April was National Poetry Month, and Entourage Yearbooks is printing more poetry than ever before! There have been countless unforeseeable side effects of the Coronavirus pandemic (for example: did you know, that when half the town shuts down, and the only open restaurant in a four block radius is a McDonald’s, you can smell that […]

Ideas for Creating Your Yearbook Remotely

As school’s start to open and classes begin, creating a yearbook might seem impossible during COVID-19. Sports and clubs, school dances, field trips, graduation… These are just some of the events that we witnessed advisors try to modify or even cut out of their yearbook this past spring. Now as school starts again, our advisors […]