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Entourage’s List of The Top 5 Yearbook Advisor Regrets of May

Entourage has been producing yearbooks for over 15 years, and they’ve helped hundreds of schools hurdle all kinds of obstacles in that time. Here’s their list of the Top 5 Yearbook Regrets of May: #5 Regret: Not Reading Senior Quotes It’s no secret that teenagers love to pull one over on adults, and seniors in […]

Need More Yearbooks?

Whether you need to use online sales to sell more yearbooks after you’ve already gone to print, want parents to be able to buy books directly from Entourage at any point in the future, or just want to place another bulk order of your yearbook, Entourage has you covered. In this article, we’ll discuss three […]

The Future of Yearbooks: Entourage Acquires Picaboo Yearbooks

This month, US-based Entourage Yearbooks finalized its acquisition of Picaboo Yearbooks. I met with Bill Miles, Founder and CEO of Picaboo Yearbooks, as well as Elias Jo, Founder and CEO of Entourage Yearbooks, to learn more. “I am thrilled to have gone through this process with Picaboo Yearbooks,” Jo shared with me via Zoom meeting […]

Illinois PTA President Carolyn McCarty Showcases Yearbook Software Versatility

Carolyn McCarty, President of Illinois PTA, is working with New Jersey-based yearbook provider, Entourage Yearbooks, to create a new kind of convention program book. Every year, the Illinois Parent Teacher Association holds the Illinois PTA Convention and Advocacy Conference for PTA leaders statewide to “network, learn new ideas, and sharpen leadership and advocacy skills.” The […]

Christian Academy of Guatemala Awarded 1st Place in High School Yearbook Design in National Yearbook Contest

The Entourage Yearbooks National Yearbook Competition is a nationally sponsored contest judging school yearbooks across the dimensions of creativity, originality, and journalistic relevance. Hundreds of schools enter across all fifty states at the Elementary, Middle School, and very competitive High School level. This achievement recognizes Christian Academy of Guatemala for putting together a notable yearbook […]

Black History Month – Spotlight on Black Gold Excellence

This Black History Month, Entourage Yearbooks is proud to work alongside creator Benjamin Young on a special project: Black Gold Excellence, a history of African-Americans in America.   Young, a former security policeman with the Air Force who served one year in Vietnam and received the Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross for his service, is […]

Top 5 Yearbook Mistakes Made Every January

  January has come, and the end of another school year is just beginning to peek over the horizon. Here’s Entourage’s list of the Top 5 Yearbook Mistakes Made Every January: #5 Assuming Someone Else Is Going To Help Later In January, many advisors log into their projects for the first time. Not knowing who […]

100+ Yearbook Superlatives to Personalize Your Project

Creating a yearbook can be stressful. You have to take the time to lay out every page, collect content, and make it look beautiful. Sometimes a few of those pages wind up blank and you sit there scratching your head trying to figure out how to fill them up. One of the best (and easiest) […]

Yearbook Theme Ideas for Motivated Advisors

As autumn comes back around, it is one again time to get back into the classrooms. You’ve already gotten some great photos of your first day back after a crazy year. You’ve even already started collecting surveys of what your students did last summer. With all this content, its time to create a new yearbook! […]