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Looking for safe ways to get your school and community involved? Practice social distancing this spirit week!

Looking for safe ways to get your school and community involved? Practice social distancing this spirit week!

1. Superhero Day

You may know the phrase that not all superheroes wear capes, but now is the time to bring that phrase to the pages of your yearbook. This moment in history allows your school the chance to not only document, but honor our essential personnel who are working tirelessly each day to keep our towns safe and healthy (Hospital Workers, First Responders, Grocery Store Employees, Council Members, etc.).

2. Crazy Hair Day

Since so many businesses are closed, it’s likely either you or someone you know might have expressed their need for a haircut. But now’s your chance to show off your wildest hair style! Let’s see who in your school has the wackiest do’s …or if anyone has tried taking matters and the trimming shears into their own hands.

3. Jersey Day

What sport do you miss watching? Are you playing or were planning on playing a sport this year? Wear your favorite jersey or team colors to show your support for your favorite professional and local teams! Have you and your family get active and play your favorite sport outside, or go for a walk if you’re able.

4. Pajama Day

We’re all staying at home all day, so we might as well be comfy! Wear your favorite set and share how you like to get comfy at home. Do you have a best seat on the couch or the perfect hot chocolate recipe? Now’s the time to share something interesting that your school may not have known before!

Make an awesome spread of your #VirtualSpiritWeek

5. Patriotic Day

Wear your red, white, and blue to show how we are standing together as a nation during this challenging time. How creative can you get in showing off the US colors? Are there any inspiring messages you can write and hang in your windows for neighbors? Get your family involved in how you can share positivity together and in your community.

6. Vacation Day

Dreaming of your next trip? Would you go to a tropical island, ski resort, or maybe Disneyland? Dress the part and show off where you want your next getaway! Does your webcam have any cool backgrounds of your dream destination? Act out what you would do when you first arrive!

7. Crazy Sock Day

Many of us aren’t leaving the house, so that means a lot of people aren’t wearing shoes lately. Might as well show off your favorite socks! What is your wildest pair? Wear whatever bright colors, wacky patterns, funny prints, or any other design you have for your feet. The crazier, the better!

8. School Pride Day

Missing your friends and school community? Wear your class colors or school swag! Have a competition to see who has the best at-home mascot costume, or the best school spirit sign to share with their community. See who breaks out the face paint, colors their hair, or maybe gets their pet involved!

9. Character Day

In your downtime, you might be watching some of your favorite movies, playing video games, or reading your favorite book. Is there a genre you can’t get enough of? Dress up as your favorite character from whatever series you want! It can be a character you’ve been obsessed with lately, or maybe one you’ve always loved. You can even get creative with your school by sharing your favorite quote of your character! Is your favorite character part of a group? Get your family to dress up with you to have them get in on the fun too!

10. Hat Day

Most school dress codes don’t allow hats, but since you’re at home this is the chance to show off some favorites! Baseball caps, top hats, beanies and more — everyone will love being allowed to wear a hat for the day. Plus, if you’re one of the people who we mentioned earlier about maybe wanting a haircut… you might be thankful for a day you can cover your head with a cool look. See what people use around the house to make their hat extra wacky!