Entourage Yearbooks

It’s that time of year again

You’ve made it through the summer and it’s time to get back into the classroom. With schedules set and outfits picked out, it's time to get yourself organized for the school year! We have our calculator for Math, our books for Social Studies, but what about Yearbook

Whether it be a class during your normal day, or a club after hours, it is important to be prepared and excited to get those creative juices flowing to produce an awesome yearbook for your school. They may be simple, but a few things that you can bring with you on campus can make all the difference. 

Keep scrolling down to see our must-have list of back to school supplies that will help 2022 to be your best year ever!

1. Backpack

Your backpack is the back bone of your school year, literally! Besides your locker, it will be where you store almost everything you bring with you. It is important to find one that fits your needs and your style! We recommend one with a laptop pocket to keep your large electronics safe.

2. Computer or Laptop

With the new age of technology, a computer is an important part of not only creating a yearbook, but organizing your classes and assignments. For your yearbook assignments, a laptop or computer gives you easy access to our very own software, EDOnline. This will make it easy to let your love for design, journalism, or photography run free and help to create an awesome yearbook.

3. Camera and SD Card

What is a yearbook without pictures to capture the memories? Using your camera, or even your cell phone, to take photos on big events can help make your yearbook more memorable and help with assignments given to you. Not only are cameras perfect for creating yearbook content, but it is also a great way to capture your own memories as well.

4. Journal and Notebook

It is important to stay organized and keep your school and personal life on track. Getting a journal can help you keep track of assignments, important dates, and make it easy to organize your To Do list. Notebooks are also a great idea to help jot down notes and ideas throughout the day, and maybe even doodle a little in between classes. We recommend notebooks with graph paper to stay organized and artistic, but any notebook will help you stay on track!

5. Pencils, Pens, and Highlighters

Oh my! Nothing beats a good, freshly sharpened pencil (except maybe gel pens). It’s also a great idea to have some pens on hand, just in case. Highlighters are great to mark important things in class notes, books, and of course, yearbook assignments!

6. Binder

We know that the first thing on everyone’s back to school list is a good binder, or maybe a few good folders. Binders help keep all your essential papers, assignments, and homework all in one place. You can keep all your printouts, photos, and layouts in a small binder perfect for your yearbook club!

7. A Healthy Snack

Taking the time to eat a healthy snack is the principle for a healthy body and a strong mind. Especially if your yearbook club meets after school, be sure to have a nutritious granola bar, fruit, or other snack to munch on while you work. You can’t work well on an empty stomach!

8. Your Old Yearbook

Stuck on a specific page? Can’t find a good template to place everything on the spread you have? Try busting out the old yearbooks for some quick inspiration! Whether it is from 2020 or 1985, inspiration can come at any moment. Imitation is the best form of flattery, so don’t be afraid to take a layout that you have used in the past and use it again! If you do not have an old yearbook, try taking a look on Pinterest for some bright ideas to help you get started!