Entourage Yearbooks

Creating a memorable school yearbook during a recession can be challenging. Funds are limited, donations have been cut back, and prices only seem to be going up. Savvy schools know, however, that creating a school yearbook during a recession can actually be more economical.

During a recession, yearbook companies are more likely to be competitive over their price quotes. So, when times are tough, one of the best things schools can do is shop around for different prices and negotiate. Many yearbook companies are offering highly competitive rates while still supplying the same industry leading quality.

Entourage Yearbooks is one such company who has been offering budget friendly yearbook prices while maintaining the quality and printing standards schools have been accustomed to. According to Judy Jo, a senior account manager at Entourage Yearbooks, the best way to save money during a recession is investigate switching Yearbook companies. “Many schools are hesitant to switch yearbook companies because of tradition,” explains Jo. “Schools sometimes stick with one company for years because that is what they’re used to. However, by shopping around and asking yearbook companies to compete for the yearbook project, schools can save as much as 20% on the cost of their yearbooks.”

Part of the reason Entourage Yearbooks can afford to be so cost competitive is because all of the design, printing and publishing work is done in-house. They have a lean business model which helps keep costs down. These savings are passed directly to the schools. They also use efficient, state-of-the art digital printing technology, which enables them to offer turnaround times in as little as 3 weeks.

“Most of the time parents would really like to purchase a yearbook for their child, or children, but they don’t want to pay $75-$80 for it,” adds Jo. “At Entourage, we can cut that cost by 20-30% simply because of the fact that we do not have to outsource any of our printing work, plus we can provide the same quality, if not better, with our digital printing press.”

Many yearbook companies, like Entourage, offer free, no-obligation price quotes for schools. Jo recommends schools collect at least 3 different price quotes and finally make a switch towards savings.

Schools who would like to obtain a free price quote and sample yearbook from Entourage can do so by visiting https://info.entourageyearbooks.com/information/