Entourage Yearbooks

Yearbooks At The District Level

Entourage Yearbooks is presenting schools with an opportunity they may not know about.  This opportunity is working with one yearbook company throughout their district.

Sunnyside School District’s coordinated yearbook program in Tucson, AZ faced a few problems.  The catalyst to their success was first working with Entourage Yearbooks on their own. After the first year, the school had raised a substantial amount of money.  The money was raise through fundraising initiatives to invest in educational programs and purchase new photography equipment. Together, the fundraising efforts and investments have helped the school to continue to improve during subsequent years. The school district was inspired by the high school’s fundraising and, since that time, each school has started working with Entourage.

Wise Words From Entourage Staff

Judy Jo is a senior representative who coordinates with schools working at the district level at Entourage.  Judy works with these schools to develop a framework which helps to empower the yearbook advisors, starting with a yearly visit from Entourage. Schools working with Entourage at the district level have access to workshops specialized for their district." These workshops provide a space for the district’s yearbook staff to develop a network.  They can then collaborate and share ideas. Ruben Cazares is in his fourth year as the advisor for Sunnyside High School.  He says that “it is important to have that network of advisors, because it kind of eases your stress.” Curtis, who has joined Rubin as a new advisor.  He added that he appreciates the opportunity to ask more experienced advisors for guidance when questions arise.

Yearbook advisors also have the opportunity to collaborate with other districts at Entourage’s annual summer Yearbook Advisors’ Conference. For more information about working with Entourage, please visit https://www.entourageyearbooks.com/ or contact our Sales Team at at 888-926-6571.