Entourage Yearbooks

Creating a yearbook can be an overwhelming process. Between collecting photos, creating and designing a theme, and coordinating with other yearbook committee members, the work load can pile up quickly for a yearbook advisor.

Entourage Yearbooks, a yearbook company that combines online technologies with user-friendly yearbook software, has created a list of resources to help lighten the load.

1. Online Account Management with Entourage Online

Working online is one of the easiest ways to organize large amounts of information. In this way, Entourage Online is your gateway to your entire yearbook project. In addition to receiving your own personal website, you will also have access to free fundraising and marketing tools. You can then can upload photos, manage your account, and keep track of your deadlines. This is especially great for yearbook committees.

2. “Drag and Drop” with Entourage’s Autocollage and Auto Portrait Pages

For people who have never taken on design projects, Entourage offers software options that make creating yearbooks effortless. Aside from gaining access to built-in clip art, page templates, and backgrounds, you can also take advantage of the auto collage option that will automatically arrange a group of photographs on a page. This can literally take minutes.

Portrait pages are even easier. By uploading a CD from a yearbook photographer, you have the opportunity to automatically flow these pages. You can then sort your sudents alphabetically, by homeroom, by grade, and more.

3. Online Book Sales and Free Marketing

Online book sales are easy. Students and parents can use Entourage Online to access their school’s account and purchase books. This eliminates the need for organizing book sales and collecting money.

4. Customizing with your Yearbook Kit

Your yearbook kit is your arsenal; it provides you with your yearbook curriculum and fundraising tools, along with themes, backgrounds, and templates. Your yearbook kit will include strategies on how to plan, organize, and be successful at yearbook sales. It will serve as a guide for things like colors, fonts, and overall tips on how to plan and design your yearbook.

5. Uploading, Proofing, and Approving with Entourage Online

Once you’re finished creating your yearbook, you can upload your project to the Entourage website. You can then contact your account manager for a set of proofs. This will help you catch any last-minute changes before submitting your final approval online. If there’s ever a problem, Entourage has many customer service options, including online conferencing, walk-throughs, and design and tech support.

Entourage Yearbooks works with yearbook advisers in 50 U.S. states, 19 countries, and 7 continents. For first-timers, or schools who want an easy, less taxing approach, Entourage knows how to make this process painless.