Entourage Yearbooks

Starting today, school fundraising will never be the same

Entourage Yearbooks has just launched EntourageGO – the first custom photo keepsake service tailored to meet the needs of schools.

Entourage Yearbooks’ new service enables schools to raise funds through sales, offer flexible payment plans, and pay special attention to privacy concerns. The shirts, mugs, calendars, and greeting cards sold on the site could be a resource to help schools expand their educational and extracurricular activities. With this development, Entourage maintains their commitment to bringing more resources to schools.

EntourageGO offers even more ways for creatively inclined students to see their work come to life. With EntourageGO Getters, students can able to post their artwork to an online exhibition space. Additionally, there will be an opportunity to have this artwork featured on the EntourageGO website, and sold on items purchased through the site/

Ask And You Will Receive

Entourage has worked with thousands of schools all across the United States in providing yearbooks for the past 10 years. After having massive growth and success working in yearbooks, schools began asking in what other areas the Entourage model could help. A common need for many schools is easier fundraising.  Particularly in areas such as funding for student activities, PTA/PTO organizations, and technology. As a result, EntourageGO was designed to help schools create affordable fund raising products.  With leading online technology, and extensive support for the fundraisers. Elias K. Jo, the CEO of Entourage shares, “We're excited about the synergies between Entourage's yearbook product and our new EntourageGO fundraising services. We want EntourageGO to be the easiest and most affordable fundraising option for schools anywhere."

Fundraising Opportunities

Fundraising at schools has historically been difficult. Fundraisers have to balance the affordability of the products they are selling.  The difficulty of managing the funds/operations of a fundraising event and maximizing profit is difficult. EntourageGO was designed to solve the hardest parts of school fundraising in three major areas. First, EntourageGO supports the sale of some of the most popular photo and apparel products in the country at some of the lowest wholesale prices in the industry. This is to provide common products at affordable prices in order to reduce the budget pressures that many families face in participating in school fundraisers.

Second, EntourageGO is based entirely online with support for mobile devices.  Managing the funds, reporting, and accounting for the fundraising is all done automatically online. Finally, EntourageGO allows for schools and organizers to create their own products online and for free!  Some products incude calendars, photo gifts, t-shirts, invitations.Basically anything they normally would need, and customize it for their community. According to Sara, the product manager for the site, ”EntourageGO is the first ever photo and apparel gift site that allows for schools to create and manage their own online fundraising store.”

In recognition of the difficulties that schools experience when they lack sufficient funding, the company has also pledged to allocate a portion of the proceeds from the new service to establish the EntourageGO Fund. This program will offer a monetary award at the end of the year so that a talented school staff can expand educational programs.

For more information, visit http://www.entouragego.com to get started, or contact Sara Aniano at sara(at)entouragego(dot)com.