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A yearbook project can often challenge its committee members. Whether it’s a PTA meeting or a second job, there are always other responsibilities that fill up our schedules pretty quickly.

Many yearbook companies are finding ways to use online technologies to allow yearbook committees to work together. Entourage Yearbooks, a company that prides itself in its use of online tools, has figured out how you can benefit:

Learning Together: Webinars

Online meetings and conferences enable yearbook committee members to attend software training sessions together. Besides being able to simultaneously view ways to make your yearbook project better, it is fun to bond over learning and sharing something as a group.

Sharing Information: Personal Website

Rather than assigning one person to manage a yearbook, why not get more people involved? Online tools enable multiple committee members to log in to their school’s account to keep track of deadlines, manage yearbook sales, and upload photographs. Account Administrators can then select these photographs immediately and begin dropping them into their yearbook software.

Never Missing a Moment: Digital Proofs

Certain events like Prom come very late in the year. Since it is difficult to push completion deadlines, events like these are often left out of yearbooks. With tools like digital proofs, you can upload pictures from Prom, submit your pages, and instantly request a set of digital proofs. This can cut weeks from your project timeline.

Saving Money: Customer Login

Online tools can help cut costs of travel and postage, leaving yearbook committees with money in their budget for other projects and events. This can relieve financial stresses and put the committee in a much better mood.

Connecting to your Yearbook Company: Online Consultants

Online tools make for a faster connection to your yearbook company; they allow billers, tech support, and creative and design consultants to be there for you immediately through webinars and online conferencing. You can share your computer screen and talk about your project the second a question arises. You can also access videos with hints and tricks that your yearbook company will most likely update regularly.

“Excellent customer service!! My account manager answered my every question (and there were a lot of them) and bent over backwards to make sure we had a positive experience. We were thrilled with Entourage.” -Waymakers

Selling Yearbooks Online: Online Yearbook Sales

Online Yearbook sales make for a very easy way for students and teachers to purchase yearbooks. This gives an opportunity to build more excitement around the yearbook project while being able to log in and out of their school’s account as they please.

Entourage Yearbooks is continuously finding new ways to bring technology into the yearbook process. Since design, production, and sales are managed online, yearbook committees are not only allowed instant access and support; they are allowed more time and energy to share this very exciting process.

For more information on Online Tools, visit Entourage Online at https://www.entourageyearbooks.com/.

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