Entourage Yearbooks

Lynn Greenberg and Kary Steele, yearbook advisors for Five Points Elementary, have envisioned a coloring-book-themed yearbook which is fun, interactive, and unlike any yearbook previously produced by Entourage. Lynn said that she could not “have done a book like this without Entourage.” She explained that this innovative project was possible because the duo utilized Entourage’s flexible service options and the organization tools provided through Entourage’s Link website.

Lynn Greenberg explained that yearbook advisors are able to submit yearbook content just weeks before their anticipated delivery date, and adjust these dates as needed, so working with Entourage has allowed Five Points Elementary to allocate more time during the development phase. Lynn, who likes to do paper-crafts, said that this extra time enabled her to add personalized details to their digital book which reflect the interests of the individual classes. Inspired by the techniques she learned at the annual High School Advisors’ Conference hosted by Entourage, Lynn added that the extra time provided the opportunity to explore design options with their Entourage Account Manager, Ellen Sillery, who she said was “like a third member of the team.” They decided to utilize special printing and paper options which enable the yearbook to function like a coloring book as well.

When asked for suggestions for new yearbook advisors, Lynn Greenberg recommended having a rough timeline of creative milestones to improve organization in the long term as well as short term. However, Lynn said that Entourage’s flexible submission deadlines have been helpful during the organization process of their yearbook since the yearbook team is able to spend more time collecting photos from busy teachers and class parents. Additionally, the extra time allowed them to obtain photos taken later in the school year which they otherwise could not include. Lynn and Ms. Steele originally attempted to supplement their own photos with those taken from the teachers’ class web pages but found that they needed to rely heavily on the class parents due to teachers’ time constraints. The yearbook team was able to organize the collection effort through Entourage’s Link website which serves as an online community space for each school as well as a school store. Each teacher at Five Points Elementary School Yearbook was assigned a folder on Link which enabled approved members to upload photos directly to the yearbook account’s media folders. These photo organization tools helped Lynn and Ms. Steele to verify that they had even coverage of students as well as important school events.

For more information about Entourage’s services or how Entourage can help you to make your dream yearbook a reality, please contact Judy Jo via email at sales@entourageyearbooks.com or 888-926-6571.