Entourage Yearbooks

Written By Jessica D’Amico

Yearbooks are Here to Stay!

While technology changes the face of schools, making paperless classrooms more and more prevalent, at least one type of classic bound volume isn’t going anywhere — the yearbook. Entourage Yearbooks, the fastest-growing company of its kind in North America, keeps the time-tested tradition alive while evolving the medium for both those who create yearbooks and those who treasure them for years to come.

One constant for yearbooks is providing a tangible keepsake to bear signatures and sentiments from classmates. The books’ format, size and content, however, are changing with the times.

The traditional yearbook — containing hundreds of pages filled with every student, sports team and extracurricular club at a given school — are giving way to more streamlined books, augmented by supplements that put a spotlight on a particular group or team. These supplement books help keep prices down for schools and students. Entourage’s cutting-edge software now offers a feature that allows users to bring their vision to life quickly, easily and at a much lower price point than other yearbook companies.

“It’s one of the reasons why we’re special,” said Caitlin Kenny, an Entourage representative.

Yearbooks Shift Into The Future

In addition to yearbooks changing in size, their content is also shifting. Fun, colorful formats and graphics are replacing the old, black-and-white grid of days gone by. In addition, interactive features like QR codes take users beyond the book to access content online. Entourage’s EDOnline software allows users to customize yearbooks to truly reflect the character and constitution of their schools through hundreds of exciting templates. Compatibility with Facebook and Instagram, along with the ability to collaborate from any location, makes the software an indispensable tool for all who use it.

Focus groups hosted by Entourage help the forerunning company to keep a constant finger on the pulse of schools wants and needs when it comes to yearbook creation. And with one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry — about three weeks during peak times of year and about a week in non-peak times, plus shipping — Entourage understands the importance of getting yearbooks into the hands of those who will cherish them for years to come.

“We’re just very on top of things,” said Nicole Rossi, an Entourage representative.

As yearbooks change and evolve, Entourage Yearbooks is proving itself a game-changer for the thousands of schools throughout the country and beyond that use its innovative software and services. Join the movement of trendsetters by visiting www.prweb.net.