Entourage Yearbooks

This summer, Entourage Yearbooks is rolling out the most complete partner yearbook program in the industry. It is specially designed to help photography studios increase exposure and sales through the services provided by Entourage Yearbooks and combat the demands of a competitive market. Private branding of Entourage Yearbooks’ proprietary online yearbook software, EDOnline, and mobile application which includes free digital yearbooks, messaging, polling, uploading and ordering, are just a few of the features partners of Entourage Yearbooks have access to.

Entourage Yearbooks has helped Jo-Art Photographers, based in Long Island, New York to reach more clients over the course of several years and has added new resources for other studios to experience similar successes. With Entourage’s competitive pricing, and the industry’s fastest peak season turnaround time of three weeks, Jo-Art Photographers has been able to increase in size and capability.

Gil Sacks, the owner of Jo-Art Photographers, said this partnership has helped him to improve business because his studio is able to provide “one-stop shopping.” According to Mr. Sacks, the “online software is simple and everything is straight-forward. Designing keepsake items for customers is easy. Among other commemorative items, the yearbooks printed by Entourage provide a space for photographers to showcase their work in a format which can be cherished by customers for years to come. Photographers now have a resource which enables them to provide a wider range of services to their customers. Please contact our team at 888-926-6571 for more information regarding the partner programs offered by Entourage Yearbooks.