Entourage Yearbooks

As we start the 2019 school year, we’re happy to announce the launch of our new website design along with many new announcements and features for the new school year!  The re-design of the Entourage website is to expand on our technology strategy to be more accessible via mobile and tablet devices. The new site also allows us to introduce more great content for our schools and yearbook staff members.

There are a number of new features, like an easier to use top navigation, larger fonts, and updated graphics.  We plan to add new videos and social media posts from our Facebook and Instagram feeds as well.  We will use the site to provide more up-to-the-minute news about our yearbook software and resources that schools can use.  Please take a moment to take a look around and feel free to leave comments on what you’d like to see updated or added.

Next, I’d like to announce for the new 2019 school year, Entourage is rolling out a number of great new features for our schools.  We continue on our mission to provide the best yearbook service, providing the best publishing quality combined with the best customer service and most innovative yearbook technology. For 2019 here is an introduction to a few of the upcoming announcements:

  • Updates to our award winning yearbook design software EDOnline to improve ease of use
  • New technology to personalize and customize individual yearbooks
  • Update iPhone and Android apps to make monitoring an collecting content for your yearbook easier than ever
  • New tutorials for how to create great yearbooks
  • New templates and themes to incorporate the latest design trends for your new book
  • And many more

Please stay tuned for more announcements. Welcome to the new school year!


Entourage CEO