Entourage Yearbooks

Personalized Yearbook Pages & Covers

Entourage Yearbooks creates unique mementos that help people memorialize some of their most treasured experiences. With advances in our yearbook software and printing capabilities, we can now provide custom, individualized yearbooks that help to capture these experiences even better. Using our online yearbook software, advisors and their teams can create dynamic pages and covers that vary from book to book. Now, a student can have a special yearbook that contains an entire page (or more!) that features just them! Unique pages could be dedicated to certain clubs or classes that vary according to the students’ involvement. Covers can even be customized with school photos, monograms, and more. The possibilities are endless!

Personalized Covers

You can now create different covers for different grades, different classes, even for individual students. Entourage now provides the most advanced platform to create that special yearbook cover for your whole school.

You can make a higher priced hardcover for the graduating students and a lower cost softcover book for the underclass students. You can hold a contest for different covers for each great. Your limitations are only bound by your creativity!

Personalized Pages

Yearbooks are inherently personal. By personalizing specific yearbook pages, though, the book becomes an even more priceless souvenir of an individual’s school years. Later, when the student breaks out their yearbook to share with family and friends or to simply reminisce, they’ll get an even richer glimpse of who they were at the time. Don’t get us wrong – while we love school photos and senior quotes, a whole page dedicated to a student captures their experience even more perfectly.

An Advanced System To Automate Your Personalized Yearbooks

Creating a yearbook is difficult enough, and for many advisors the idea of allowing personalized content is daunting. With Entourage’s advanced system, we have automated and streamlined the process to make creating your personalized yearbook project easy!

  • Easy online designer where people can design their own content
  • Books organized by class and name for easy distribution
  • Keep track and proof your books quickly and easily

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