Entourage Yearbooks

How we can help you finish your project under COVID-19

Dear Yearbook Organizer,

If you need help to finish your yearbook, I wanted to reassure you by letting you know we’re here! My name is Jackie and I am the manager of the Special Project Assistance team, or SPA team as we refer to it. What we do is we help support people who are worried about not completing their yearbook project. We work with our customers to help design and build their yearbook project for them. We also help finish up projects that were started, but need help getting finished. We are a team of expert EDO users who specialize in getting your book done quickly and accurately.

Many schools are resource constrained to begin with, so we expect the added pressure of the Coronavirus is making things harder.. If you are concerned that you will have trouble completing your yearbook because of the current status of the virus — don’t panic. Entourage is ramping up our support for you and your communities. To provide you with an idea of how we can help, here are some things we are organizing:

  1. If you are worried about completing your project done due to the virus, please reach out to us as soon as possible. We will put you in contact with your Account Manager who will look into adding SPA services that best suit your needs. You can either email them directly or reach us at support@entourageyearbooks.com
  2. If you need SPA services to complete your yearbook, here’s some details as to how the program works::
    • Yearbook photos: We will need any and all school photos for designing. 
    • Yearbook Design: Think about what you would like us to help with and what your page design should look like. If you need specific pages or a specific theme, please communicate this so that we can better provide you with a design. 
    • PSPA/ Student photos: To flow your student portrait pages, we will need the pictures and something called a PSPA index file. This is a .txt file that your photographer should have sent you along with your photos. Using our advanced people page technology, we will be able to build 90% of these pages quickly and with ease, so it is critical that you find this file and send it to us digitally. 
    • Communication: I know in these trying times we are very consumed with our communities safety and our own. We understand that your yearbook is not the number one thing on your mind; this is why we offer book building services! We can take most of this burden off you, but communication is key to a successful book building process. We are very communicative through email, so we encourage you to check your inbox daily for any information from the SPA team, as that will help us make significant progress with your project. Our questions are usually short, sweet, and to the point so we hope this allows for more effective communication. 
    • Shipping and Delivery: For schools closed for an extended period of time, we are waiving rush fees for yearbook deliveries (up to 2 days) to help provide more time for schools that might need it. Please note, we have a limited capacity for rushing books but we’ll try to accommodate as many schools as we can. If you need specific shipping concerns, such as permanent school closure for the rest of the year, reach out to your Account Manager or email support@entourageyearbooks.com 

Our SPA team is scaling up but we also are resource constrained. We ask that you please use our services as needed as we’re trying to help as many schools as possible get their yearbook.

Ultimately, our goal is to produce your yearbook project as quickly and beautifully as possible. Our first priority as a company is to make sure our schools, as well as their communities, are as safe and healthy as possible. We hope to help as many students as possible receive yearbooks that celebrate our unity and our perseverance in the face of these challenged times. Now more than ever we need to remember the positive times from the past year, and everyone at Entourage is here to step up and support you during these uncertain times.

Thank you,

Jackie LaCorte

SPA Manager