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Designing Your Yearbook Online: Tips, Tools, & Tricks of the Trade

The publishing industry – and, consequently, the yearbook industry – has changed quickly and dramatically in the last few decades. Almost every aspect of a book’s design and ultimate printing is controlled through software. As technology progressed and design software became increasingly intuitive and user-friendly, companies put the tools in their customers’ hands. Now, it’s quite easy for any yearbook advisor to create and edit their yearbooks online.

These online yearbook design tools get better and better every day. However, if you are just starting out, you might not be sure of the features and capabilities your tools should have. On top of that, there are a ton of resources out there to help inspire and guide the creation process. Feeling lost? No worries – keep reading to learn more about designing your yearbook online.

Find yearbook inspiration. No work of art is ever truly original. Looking for yearbook inspiration online can expose you to a wide range of styles and themes that you can mix and match until you come up with something truly unique. Our Pinterest account serves as a fantastic source for finding awesome design ideas! 

Work with tools that suit your style. Are you a design whiz that frequently works with industry-standard software like Adobe InDesign or PhotoShop? Then you will want to ensure that the yearbook tools you use can support them. Look out for features like Entourage Yearbook’s “press ready" option that allows you to easily integrate your existing tools with our extensive yearbook resources.

Use the cloud. Besides being a potential lifesaver by backing up your work remotely, the cloud also makes digital collaboration a breeze. Tools like our online yearbook software, EDOnline, enable you and your team to easily share your work with each other during the design process.

Lean on resource libraries. Numerous different creative elements – templates, fonts, clip-art, and more – all need to come together to form a cohesive and compelling yearbook. Trying to wrangle these different elements from a wide range of sources can be incredibly time-consuming. By using online tools like those provided by Entourage Yearbooks, you can draw from hundreds of prebuilt designs, templates, and other resources that can greatly aid the design process. We hope these tips help as you design your yearbook online. For more information about Entourage Yearbooks and the yearbook services we provide, call (888) 926-6571 or contact us online today!