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10 Viral Moments of the Last Decade

Check out some of the most memorable trends of the last decade that you either love to remember or would prefer to forget

1. Planking

One of the first social media “challenges” to become viral, but also one of the most strangest of the last ten years. It involved taking photos of people laying face down in strange places and sharing them online. This was a viral moment that was truly hard to miss and one most of us probably are glad to leave in the past

2. Gangnam Style

This wild dance craze quickly took the world by storm in July 2012 with the music video being the first to reach one billion views in just 5 months. Riding an invisible horse never looked so fun and now it’s a move anyone on the dance floor will recognize

3. Harlem Shake

Memes took to viral video format with this new kind trend for any group to take part in. Start with one person dancing by themselves in a room of oblivious, seemingly normal people — let the beat drop and cut to the same room of people now in costumes or holding props, dancing and absolutely losing it; that’s how you make a Harlem Shake

4. Flappy Bird

Easily one of the most memorable and addictive games of the decade, Flappy Bird was a simple game that grew in popularity so much that the creator the game himself removed it from the app store due to guilt over what he considered to be an overuse of the game

5. Ice Bucket Challenge

Viral trends got a non-profit twist to them during the summer of 2014 when people started dumping buckets of ice water on themselves and asked friends to do the same, all in hopes of raising funds and awareness for ALS research

6. “The Dress” Debate

In February 2015, the world became quickly divided after a picture of a dress was shared. Arguments about whether the dress was black and blue or white and gold continued for weeks afterward, and sides are instantly still taken to this day when the debate is brought up again

7. Fidget Spinners

A toy so popular that it had to become banned in most schools, fidget spinners will be an archaeological find that will represent this decade. Although they were marketed to help people focus and relieve nervous energy, these toys could be found spinning on just about any surface you could think of

8. The Dab

This trend was everywhere and got the attention of celebrities and even politicians. “Dabbing” is a literal cultural movement (pun intended) and is an easy way to celebrate or joke around with your friends

9. The Mannequin Challenge

Another popular video trend, the Mannequin Challenge started to become viral in 2016. The premise is simple: just stand still as a camera moves around you. What really made the trend take off was people posing in impossible ways, hilarious scenes being told, and the posse’s participating

10. Yanny vs. Laurel

A popular video of a different kind took over in 2019 with people sharing audio of a woman saying either “Yanny” or “Laurel” — whichever you hear though, you mostly likely heard about this viral trend on and off of social media

These are only a few of the viral moments that happened this past decade, but we’d love to hear what your favorite moment was! Share your memories with this link and the hashtag #RememberEverything today!