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Yearbooks for 2020 – Getting Ready For The New Year

Entourage is getting ready for an exciting new 2020 school year.  I’m proud to announce a number of exciting updates this year for all of our schools.  In addition, Entourage continues on our mission to provide the most advanced yearbook services in the world.  We also just had our largest and most dynamic group of yearbook advisors at our annual advisor’s conference in Princeton. They shared the message that all the tools and services we provide, on top of making great yearbooks, is helping immensely at their schools.  My goal, and that of all our staff, is to “up our game” for 2020, and I wanted to share a few announcements as to how we plan to make that happen.

What’s New for 2020!

We have a number of new features in our software and a number of service updates we’re hoping all our schools take advantage of.

New Edonline 9.0

We have implemented a new more streamlined interface for our online yearbook design software EDONLINE.  The new version of the software has a number of exciting improvements from last year, which includes:

  • New cleaner and more streamlined interface for the Yearbook Designer. Create yearbook pages faster and with less clicks.
  • Updated the site to be more mobile friendly. You can upload photos, manage your ladder, and track progress of your yearbook sales more easily with your iPhone or Android device.
  • Updated yearbook help resources to find not only great resources on how to design great yearbook pages but also new help sections with classroom resources, advisor resources, and sales tools.
  • Added the ability to import photos from Google Drive and DropBox to make collecting photos easier than ever

Personalized Yearbook Pages

We have added the ability to create personalized yearbook pages for your yearbook project now. You can now allow students and their families to design 2 or more custom pages that will appear in their book and their book only. This is a great feature to allow students to put more photos and information about their school year that may not have made it into the yearbook!

Dynamic Yearbook Covers

Entourage is proud to announce the cutting edge yearbook feature to have different yearbook covers for different books. You can now design a yearbook cover for the Senior graduating class and a simpler cover for the underclassman for a lower price. You can design yearbook covers that features different designs for different sections of the school. You can even design dynamic yearbook covers with a photo of each student individualized on different covers to make each yearbook unique. We’re excited to see what our schools will achieve with these highly requested feature!

Free Design Review Services

Entourage is expanding on our service to provide free design reviews of your yearbooks. You can request our professional staff help to review content created, get recommendations on what to improve, and have the peace of mind that your outstanding yearbook designs will print exactly the way you want them to.

Improved Proof Books

This year at Entourage we have committed to providing not only the highest quality yearbooks but not the highest quality proof books.  You proof books will be fully bound with you cover design so you can see exactly the way your book will print.  No more proof bound books.  All proof books will match the quality of the books you’ll receive when you receive your final yearbook product.

Thank you to all of our schools for working with Entourage.  We hope you have a smooth start of the school year and when you’re ready to get started with Entourage, we’re on extended schedule to answer the call!

Elias K. Jo

Entourage Yearbooks