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Recent new announcements and press releases from Entourage Yearbooks.
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Veteran's High School Creates An Immersive Yearbook Experience After Incorporating Videos

Like many yearbook designers of years past, students in Aaron Langley’s yearbook class at Veteran’s High School love when new pictures become available for inclusion in their yearbook because they are able to bond during the process of photo vetting. However, this year, purchasers of the school’s yearbook will enjoy a special opportunity to share memories and stories related to the school’s community activities. Recently, Langley has noticed that students increasingly desire yearbooks that are more personalized and interactive than ever before. To accommodate the request for increased personalization, Langley has developed a vision for the future of the Veteran’s High School yearbook and developed a multi-year plan wherein changes to the school’s yearbook program will be steadily implemented over several years.


The most notable change can be found in the types of media that are commonly placed in the book. Yearbooks of the past relied on a mix of photos and text to tell a story. However, many students now prefer to use Entourage’s QR code generator or a free app called Arasma to place portals for videos as well as audio clips on the yearbook’s pages. Students at Veterans Memorial High School, for example, plan to use Arasma to augment the yearbook experience and share clips of their favorite moments. Langley noted that this feature will be great for sharing videos of brilliant strategic maneuvers during sporting events and inspirational cheers during pep rallies as well as excerpts of performances by the school band or theatre. He even discussed including a video of the graduation ceremony. Students and family members will cherish the inclusion of these moments in the yearbook regardless of whether they are experiencing them for the first or the hundredth time.


For more information regarding working with Entourage, contact Judy Jo at judy(at) or 888-926-6571, ext. 71.

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